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Madness in Melbourne | AIER


I was going to write my own blog about what’s going on here in Melbourne but this one says it all. We are now under an oppressive police state. We are to carry permits in our car to go to work, that’s if you still can work. Many workplaces are now shutdown by the government. We have not been legally allowed to see our friends and family AT ALL for months. Mother’s Day was banned. Church is non existent since March. Food shortages are expected to begin next week as a Abbatoirs and food distribution centers are shutdown. Please pray for us, it is very hard.

Madness in Melbourne | AIER
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4 thoughts on “Madness in Melbourne | AIER

  1. A compliant populace empowers this. Organize and resist, or suffer your choices.

  2. Hi G &T, how did your fellowship resolve the matter about meetings under lockdown?

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