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Bible Prophecy

Welcome to Grace and Truth Blog’s new series on Bible Prophecy.bible_prophecy1

Chris, from our fellowship, has an interest in Bible prophecy and from time to time will share his views with us on current events and how they relate to prophecy.

Click on one of his articles below to read:



3 thoughts on “Bible Prophecy

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  2. Hi Belinda. Hallelujah. It is so refreshing to come upon your blog site. My church preaches about end times, Revelations, compromising teaching. the full gospel, etc. Your obedience to God’ in awakening the church to the times we are in is just like God, He wants none to perish. God is awakening His people and they will come out of the false doctrine teaching churches. God is faithful and He is raising up a number of His children to declare His soon return; so be encouraged. Grace and blessing to you and your family as you continue to honour our Lord Jesus Christ. Colin

    • Thank you Colin for your encouragement – it is truly wonderful to know that God is working in this generation, even though at times it can seem so dark. How wonderful to hear of faithful churches preaching the gospel. Thanks for stopping by and again for your words of encouragement. May God bless you abundantly!

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