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“He came not to a throne,

but to a manger.

He lived not as a king,

but as a servant.

He chose not an earthly kingdom,

but a cross.

He gave not just a little,

but everything.


-Holley Gerth


Author: GraceandTruth

bringing the gospel to life

2 thoughts on “Jesus

  1. I believe the poem “We Two” was written by Corrie Ten Boom and can be found in her book “Each New Day”. I especially love it because Corrie Ten Boom is the last person one would think struggled with being wayward and weak. I love that she was authentic and genuine in her testimonies of God’s grace.

    • Thank you very much.. Yes I agree, Corrie Ten Boom was such an inspiration to the Body of Christ, it is hard to imagine that she would have struggled. But in the struggle of the fire is where our faith is truly tested, so no wonder her faith was so strong!
      May our great God bless you to keep walking with and trusting Him day by day,
      Belinda 🙂

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