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Your name means ‘white light’
And that is so true
For to me you were an angel
Although that is what you called me

The last time you spoke to me
You said “My angel is here” and
“I love you, always remember that”
How could I forget?

I felt your great love
In your big hugs,
Your words,
Your big, big heart.
You took food around
But not only that:
More importantly
You took with it
You never judged
Just hugged

I will always remember
Your support,
Your encouragement,
Your 9:30 Wednesday morning phone calls
Your coming in late Friday mornings
(After mopping your floor)
Your prayers for your boys
Your being the first, always the first
I can’t wait to see you in Heaven
With that bright crown
On your head
So humble
Now so exalted
I miss you Jen, I love you my friend, my angel
I thank God for you


Author: GraceandTruth

bringing the gospel to life

2 thoughts on “Jenny

  1. I, too, will miss your cheerful face and loving hugs, which you gave me every friday. I will miss you Jenny, but know that you are in heaven now, with the Lord Jesus – how wonderful. Every week your encouraging words lifted me up. I also will never forget how excited you were when Belinda talked about us all going into the streets on some friday mornings and preaching about our wonderful Lord and Saviour. You immediately said that you wanted to go – your words were a great encouragement to Belinda.
    I love you, my sister, and look forward to seeing you in glory one day.

  2. A poem I wrote just days before Jenny passed to be with Jesus.

    Your such an inspiration to me,
    Much more than words could say.
    Your full of life and of God’s love,
    You’re perfect in every way.

    At all those times I did it hard,
    And I heard my doorbell ring,
    I was greated with your joy and love
    And the food that you would bring.

    I’ll never forget the hugs you give
    And the comfort that they bring.
    It’s like God is hugging me directly,
    With his angel’s embracing wings.

    The day I heard that you were sick,
    It broke my heart in two.
    I pray that God will bring you peace
    And always be with you.

    I’ve missed you at our Friday prayer,
    Your energy, joy and love;
    Your beautiful words of wisdom
    Came straight from God above.

    You tought me that by helping others,
    Through giving and with prayer;
    That everyone will come out blessed,
    And I know that God is there.

    You’ve changed my life more than you will know,
    You’re cherished by others too.
    Your beautiful, generous and full of love
    In everything you do.

    Love Wendy xoxo

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