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How far are you willing to go?


The Holy Spirit showed me this one night in prayer and then I put it in a poem as best I could:


He waits for me

So joyful that I will follow

Follow the path of death

That leads to light

I need that light

To be full of that light

For then He says:

“These nail-pierced hands and feet

Are going into the darkness

I want you with Me

Will you come?”

Oh Lord, I just want to be with You

Where You are.

He says “There is much work to be done,


We must redeem the time

For there’s not much left


We walk slowly

He could go ahead

But He waits for me

He steadies me when I stumble

He talks to me while we walk

I see that He really wants me there

With Him

Where He is

He says “The deeper we go into the darkness

The brighter your light will shine,

How far are you willing to go?”

(They plucked the beard

From His face)

How far are you willing to go?


Author: GraceandTruth

bringing the gospel to life

4 thoughts on “How far are you willing to go?

  1. I want to follow Him wherever He leads me too. I want to walk with His Hand in mine, taking away all fear as I trust in Him.

  2. This is a beautiful, convicting poem.

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