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Israel Folau, Political Correctness & Nebuchadnezzar


What has Israel (Izzy) Folau done wrong?Israel Folau’s Insta post


He’s gone up against the spirit of this age. He’s broken the rules of the religion of political correctness by telling the truth. In doing so he’s exposed that “tolerance” is only tolerant of it’s own.

Now he must either recant and bow down to the god of this age or he must pay The Price. And he must be seen to pay the price to deter any others from trying to challenge this god.

It’s the new statue of Nebuchadnezzar. Bow down when the music plays, dance to our tune, or be thrown in to the fire.

And he is being thrown in to the fire. People are literally saying to him “your career is in tatters, where is your God to help you now?”

Thrown to the fire by the public, thrown to the fire by the Christian leaders… Our Christian PM has issued a carefully worded statement about being sensitive to others. Neither has Brian Houston (head of the biggest church in Australia Hillsong), supported his persecuted brother.  Rather Houston openly condemned Izzy on Twitter, then deleted his comment and has written a more sugar-coated condemnation of him for a left-leaning publication.

  • Houston’s deleted Tweet




To me, it comes down to this: who are we sold out for? Izzy is sold out for Jesus, to the detriment of his career and a $4 million contract. Sadly it seems our Christian leaders sold out to this world long ago. 

Izzy’s response

Meanwhile as the world chants for Izzy to be thrown to the fire, the great cathedral of Notre Dame burns…


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7 thoughts on “Israel Folau, Political Correctness & Nebuchadnezzar

  1. So true sister thank you for this …Izzy is an example for all of us.

  2. Here is an excellent article by Michael Boldea, Jr from his Homeward Bound blog:

    I overestimated Brian Houston of Hillsong fame. It won’t happen again. I just assumed he was your garden variety coward with no spine, keeping silent when he should be outspoken regarding biblical truth. What he is, is something far, far worse.

    No sooner had I pointed out that church figures in Australia including he of the fiddler gang, Brian Houston, had not stood up for this rugby player who did nothing more than quote the Bible than he decides to show his true colors by attacking him instead.

    That’s right, rather than defend truth, Brian Houston has gone out of his way to reprimand Israel Folau, the aforementioned rugby player, for doing something so monstrous, egregious, and unforgivable as quoting the Bible.

    I’ve got to say, given Brian Houston’s stance on the matter, it may just be that he didn’t know the rugby player was quoting the Bible.

    This is the new face of the accuser of the brethren, who cloak themselves in the most admirable of virtues, loving people into hell because they are more concerned with the world accepting them, than being in harmony with the word of God.

    If you’ve ever wondered how brother would turn against brother, and fathers would persecute their sons in the last days, wonder no longer. This is just the beginning of the beginning.

    What Brian Houston did was beyond foul, beyond cowardly, and if ever he called himself a pastor he should nevermore refer to himself as such. A true shepherd protects the sheep from the wolves. He doesn’t spoon feed the sheep to them.

    The entire article begins with ‘while expressing his admiration for Folau’s conviction,’ and you know two things are about to happen. First, Brian Houston will make sure that everyone understands he does not share the same conviction, and second, he will do his best to tell a man whose only crime was quoting scripture how wrong he was.

    One distinction needs to be made crystal clear here, and that is, it was not Folau’s conviction, it is Biblical conviction. The man was quoting the Bible!

    1 Corinthians 6:9-10, “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, will inherit the kingdom of God.”

    There you go, Brian! Plain as day! The man was quoting the selfsame scripture you claim to be an ambassador of, and you condemned him for it. Bravo! Well done! Your father, the devil, must be proud.

    One man risked his career and livelihood to stand up for Biblical truth, while another whose job it is to stand up for Biblical truth, threw the first man under the bus without batting an eye, all under the guise of love.

    But see, Brian, when you do not tell a man that lest he repents of his sin, he will not inherit the kingdom of God, it isn’t loving, it isn’t kind, it isn’t noble and benevolent. What it is, is shortsighted to the point of being myopic, wherein to spare someone’s temporary feelings, you sentence them to eternal torment.

    There is no love in watching someone march off a cliff into an active volcano, and not saying anything.

    Sin is death. Whether that sin is idolatry, fornication, homosexuality, covetousness or sodomy, it’s still death. No matter how liberal your definition of love, there is no love in not telling someone how they can escape death.

    If you applied the same ludicrous metrics to anything else, people would think you insane. Imagine if you went to the doctor, and for fear of offending you, he didn’t tell you about your heart disease, or tumor, or cancer, or any of a thousand different diagnosis.

    Sin has a 100% mortality rate unless it is repented of, and the individual is made clean by the blood of Christ. There isn’t some chance that sin is death. Ten out of ten times, sin will kill you given half the chance.

    Why would someone who touts himself as a shepherd of God’s people not speak this truth boldly and succinctly? Why would someone who boasts of being a leader of the elect attack, belittle, and condescend to someone who is?

    Are you mad that Israel Folau is doing your job for you Brian?

    I’m sorry, but providing the soundtrack to humanity’s march into the abyss just isn’t worthy of admiration. That is essentially what Brian Houston and the Hillsong troubadours are doing by not standing up for truth.

    With love in Christ,
    Michael Boldea Jr.

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