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It’s Just You and Me, Jesus


I stand alone before You

Blow the Trumpet in Zion
conte crayons, pencil

You tell me what to do

And if I should consider Man’s opinion Lord

Then have mercy:

I really need You


For it can be so hard to see You

But they’re always in my face

Oh Lord let me see You more clearly

And not let their opinion have place



It’s between You and me

And I just want to obey You

And to be free…


Written 1st November 2011


Author: GraceandTruth

bringing the gospel to life

6 thoughts on “It’s Just You and Me, Jesus

  1. How beautiful. Yes, we want to feel Jesus’ presence in our lives always. What a wonderful Saviour.

  2. Avoiding human opinion as our definition is always good. In the last year, however, I have come to define it slightly differently. It is not me, but The Church, all of God’s people, who make up the work team. This is a reaction to the overuse and focus of “me” in contemporary Christian music, at least what is being played on the radio stations I can receive.

    • Hi NoPew, I totally agree with you that the church has embraced individualism and “self” even in their worship. It is frustrating: I don’t want to sing songs about me, but Christ! So I appreciate what you are saying and I hope you know by now that I am not that way inclined. The background of this poem is that the Lord told me to do something specific once and I made the mistake of sharing what He told me with a sister in Christ, whom I love and respect. But she reacted extremely negatively. So it was at that point that I realised when He tells me to do something it is between Him and me. I am accountable to obey Him and it doesn’t matter what anyone else’s opinion is on the matter.
      That’s the perspective behind this poem.
      Blessings, Belinda 🙂

      • I apologize if my comment sounded like a critique! I meant it as another chapter, not a better version of your poem…
        Thank you for your witness of the story behind the poem. I have had similar experiences

  3. Oh no problem! I always appreciate your thoughtful comments. Thanks & blessings 🙂

  4. Beautiful poem.

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