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The Evolution of the Emergent Church


In my last post in this series A Harlot, An Emergent and a Pope Walked into a Bar… we looked at how Ken Wilber’s Integral Consciousness is becoming instrumental in bringing together the Emergent Church and the Mystery religions. The end goal being of course, the creation of the One-World Religion.

When we talk about the Emergent Church we must understand that nothing is by emergentaccident, nor coincidence. Even the terms “Emergent”/ “emergence” /“emerging” have greater significance than we are led to believe.  In this post I would like to examine the use of the word “Emergent/Emergence”.  I would also like to prove it’s atheistic and New Age roots.

Emergent Church leader Doug Pagitt says:

doug pagitt“Five years ago or so when numbers of us started using this phrase “emergent,” there were a number of reasons why we thought this word worked well. The reason I was most excited about it is the use in a forestry term or an agriculture term. Emergent growth is the growth in a forest that is growing below the surface, that if you were to knock away the dead pine needles and leaves and branches, you would see the growth that’s happening there …. So it’s not against, it’s not over in another field, it’s not something that wants to destroy the forest; in fact, it’s going to grow because of the protection of it — the idea that there was this emergent growth that was happening in Christianity, that was protected and that was going to have the chance to survive because of the environment. We wanted to talk about what is the nature of that emergent growth of Christianity in the world…” (source:

As lovely and organic as that all sounds, “emergent” has a much greater meaning and a wider application than Pagitt acknowledges here.

The term “emergent” was coined by philosopher and skeptic G. H. Lewes, who wrote:

“Every resultant is either a sum or a difference of the co-operant forces; their sum, when their directions are the same — their difference, when their directions are contrary. Further, every resultant is clearly traceable in its components, because these are homogeneous and commensurable. It is otherwise with emergents, when, instead of adding measurable motion to measurable motion, or things of one kind to other individuals of their kind, there is a co-operation of things of unlike kinds. The emergent is unlike its components insofar as these are incommensurable, and it cannot be reduced to their sum or their difference.”


To apply this philosophical Theory of Emergence to a religious context: one might say that typically two opposing elements, or religions, such as Christianity and Islam when compared, have differences between the two that are easily detectable and measurable.

However, as Lewes says, it is otherwise with “emergents”. Within the Emergent philosophical framework, the two religions are not compared as two opposing elements but rather become a “co-operation of things of unlike kinds”. And “The emergent is unlike its components insofar as these are incommensurable, and it cannot be reduced to their sum or their difference”. The differences therefore become immeasurable, undetectable as the two opposing elements are merged.

(Sounds a lot to me like the Hegellian Principle…you may remember from Satan’s Tool in the Emergent Church: a “thesis” combined with an “antithesis” makes a “synthesis”.)

Does philosophy have the ability to influence? Is the Emergence Theory of Lewes affecting Christianity?

Well…Berlin will soon be building the world’s first “House of One”, a synagogue, mosque and church all in one:

Lewes’ Emergent Theory underpins the “emerging area of discourse” that is Integral Consciousness.

“ philosophy, systems theory, science, and art, emergence is the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions. Emergence is central to the theories of integrative levels and of complex systems.” (source: Wikiepdia)

ken wilberKen Wilber’s Integral Consciousness theory seeks to build a new platform of truth and reality. This new platform is created by bringing together a synthesis of the “best of pre-modern, modern, and postmodern reality. It is portrayed as a “theory of everything” and offers an approach “to draw together an already existing number of separate paradigms into an interrelated network of approaches that are mutually enriching.” (source: wikipedia)

As we saw in the last post the Emergent Church is heartily promoting Ken Wilber and his New Age ideas and philosophies.  This is no surprise considering that both Ken Wilber’s Integral Consciousness and the Emergent church are based on Emergent Theory.

An integrative level, or level of organization, is a set of phenomena emerging on pre-existing phenomena of lower level. Typical examples include life emerging on non-living substances, and consciousness emerging on nervous systems….The sequence of levels is often described as one of increasing complexity….” (Corning: Wikipedia, emphasis mine)


Doug Pagitt addresses this very topic here:

“But emergence theory also began to be used in this conversation at the same time, and emergence theory has to do with complexity and that which is going to develop out of chaos and complexity — that what we would look at and think is just random actually starts to form patterns to it, and that’s a helpful way to think about this, too, that there seems to be this chaos that’s happening, but if you were to study it long enough you begin to see the patterns…. That’s not a bad way to talk about it as well” (source:

If Doug Pagitt’s quote sounds alarmingly like the Theory of Evolution it’s because Emergent Theory and Evolutionary Theory go hand in hand.  In fact Emergent Theory was one philosophy that paved the way to Darwinism.


“[In] evolutionary processes, causation is iterative; effects are also causes. And this is equally true of the synergistic effects produced by emergent systems. In other words, emergence itself… has been the underlying cause of the evolution of emergent phenomena in biological evolution; it is the synergies produced by organized systems that are the key.” (Corning: wikipedia)

The premise of evolutionary theory is that a higher set of phenomena arises or emerges out of a pre-existing lower level of phenomena.

This is the basis of both Emergent and Integral Consciousness theories. That out of a lower order comes higher order. You know, like apes turning into humans…

SO in summary:

  • Ken Wilber’s Integral Consciousness theory says that humans Altitude handout. Pagesevolve to a higher level of consciousness. (This is standard New Age doctrine.)

“Some see the process of integration as incarnating Christ consciousness, some call it becoming the Divine Human, but perhaps it is most accurate to think of it as a “new normal” for those of us who want to be pioneers and begin to live in a new way, fully connected with our divine potential.

What is clear is that integrating aspects of this higher octave of our being HAS been demonstrated by historical mystics and that we are getting closer to being able to replicate this in a wider way.” Barbara Marx Hubbard, New Ager, occultist (


  • Emergent theory says that there is a “co-operation of unlike kinds” and that distinctions and measurable differences between unlike kinds disappear.


  • Emergent theory lead to Evolutionary theory.  And Integral Consciousness is based on Evolutionary theory.


And the main point of it all:

  • The Emergent church promotes Ken Wilber’s Integral consciousness. Integral Consciousness is the evolution of human consciousness into godhood or divinity; 


  • The Emergent church have deliberately called themselves by the name of “emergent” because they see themselves as the next level, the higher level of a “set of phenomena emerging on pre-existing phenomena of lower level” in the “evolution” of Christianity. Christianity as we have known it is outdated, irrelevant, politically incorrect, low-level. But through these “emergents” a new relevant, higher-level of Christianity is evolving. 


  • Ultimately this higher-level of Christianity is heading towards “emergence”: the “co-operation of unlike kinds” as consistent with emerging theory. In other words: the creation of a one-world religion.


Once again the devil is using human pride to further his plans. Pride in intellect, pride in attaining to “higher levels”, pride in reaching “god-hood.” There is nothing new under the sun…

And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil…” Genesis 3:4,5



Of interest:   Brian McLaren, in collaboration with a New Age yoga teacher, has recently brought out a video series “integrating Naked spirituality, Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Gong” (  







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29 thoughts on “The Evolution of the Emergent Church

  1. Yes, there is a “Synthesis” of all Religions, rubbing each other, out of order, to create, this “New Babylon”and the “”New Age” forces are NOT the Instigator!
    You, might want to look, at the Most Powerful Organization in the World, Yhr Roman Catholic Church!
    Through her Jesuit Oder, her GOAL is to : Destroy Protestantism! Since, the Vatican Council II, they have looked appealing to All the Religions of the World!
    What did Christ WARN us about: Don’t Be DECEIVED!!!
    As for Synthesizinf “False Religion” she promises “Universal Salvation”—All are Saved (even Atheis!) The Bible, clearly states, We MUST, BELIEVE in the SON!
    That sounds like Deciet, to me?
    Hey the Jesuit ( Soldiers protecting the Papacy) have been against the Precepts of God: Astrnomers, Evolution, Bible Believing Christians….from the start. They, are the Most Powerful Order, in the Roman Catholic Church!
    What does, the Bible, tell us, Who Mystery Babylon is? mother of ALL Harlots and Abominations of the Earth! Revelation 17, sums it up!
    For 50 years, Protestants, don’t believe, what their .forefathers, taught them (ex-priest) because of, the Extrordinary Ecumenism!
    Hey, we are ALL One Now!
    What does it say in Revelation:
    Babylon has Fallen
    Babylon has Fallen

    • Hi Cathy, thanks for your comment and for reading. Yes, I agree with you Cathy, the Roman Catholic church is playing a huge role in this synthesis of religions. I have written about this throughout my series on the Emergent Church. Mystery Babylon and the mystery religions/mysticism has been a central theme throughout this series, I’d encourage you to read the whole series in order to see the perspective I have taken on all of this. In my last post A Harlot, An Emergent and a Pope Walked into a Bar I wrote about Mystery Babylon, Revelation 17 etc. Unfortunately it is impossible to cover everything in one post, so I have written several now in this series to try to cover what the Lord Jesus has revealed to me about this subject.

      Regarding The New Age: It is their stated purpose to bring about a one-world religion and “peace” to this world. Satan is using every means possible to bring about his one-world religion. The thing that concerns me in particular is that the Emergent Church is promoting New Ager’s, such as Ken Wilber, whom has never even pretended to be a Christian. It was my aim in this series to highlight the connection between the philosophies, practices and purpose of the Emergent Church and the spirits behind the New Age, in order to warn people.
      God bless

  2. It is SO SAD,, to see the “Emerging Church” duping all her “Separated Brethen” into coming back to the Unfaithful Mother(Harlot)!
    We, have all become captive, to her Mysticism, Beauty and Antiquity, and believe in her Unbiblical Doctrines. Remember, we have been warned, in the Holy Scripture: Daniel 7, 2 Thesalonians 2:1-10, and Revelation 17 and many more! Beware, of the vain Philosophies of MAN, the Bible gives us Gods Word! Put your Trust in God , and not MAN!

    • Yes that is very true – and how sad, as you say.
      God bless

      • This week on “Life Today” , Jim Roberson, was , espousing : The need for Unity, in the Church today! He believes Catholics and Evangelicals, should join together! Another, TV Voice, crying out to many for Eccumenical Unity, in the name of the Lord! Of course Christ, wants us to be One, BUT “Which One?” Jesus wants Men, to follow him, and that would be, “The Inspired Word” of the Bible, not Traditions of Man!
        Jesus said, Many choose, the ” Wide Gate ” and that Does Not Lead To The Kingdom of God/ Heaven!
        Many Blessings

      • Unfortunately this is happening everywhere…Protestants seem to be forgetting that our forefathers had to suffer and even give their lives, in order to stand up against the Church of Rome Did you see the video the Pope sent to Kenneth Copeland.?

        We are certainly in the last days.

        God bless you too.

      • Yes, I saw, the message from the Pope! Bishop Tony Palme, was behind it!!! Palmer, is married to a Catholic, and has been friends with Francis/Pre Papacy! This is the work, of Demons, of the Church of Satan!!!
        Deception & Trickery, plain and simple!
        Can’t the Protestants see, they are being Duped?
        The Forefathers knew, and named, the Papacy the AC!
        Modern Post Christians, for about 50 years, think the Pope/Bishop Of Rome, is god, veiled, in Flesh! Even, President Bush, Junior saw the Eyes Of God, In The Popes Face! This is Incredible, Deception!!!!!

      • If you want to. research Ecumenism: Look up Karl Rahner, he collaborated with Pope Benedict! His work, with the Vatican Council II, allowing Pagan Religions, to be included, in Unity!
        BTW, the Protestants, are considered, “Separated Brethren, and since the Council Of Trent, Nothing Has Changed….Protestants, only THINK, it has!
        The RCC believes, she has Custody, of Christ Church, through the Apostle Peter….the rest of the Christian Churches are, Simply Daughters!!
        The RCC believes, that Salvation, is ONLY through its Sacraments ….So Give Up & Join her, and Sumit to the Historical AC!

  3. I cannot wait, to review your Post, on the Emerging Church! Don’t get me started on “Anything Yoga!” These, poor Christian Women, don’t have a clue,,,they are worshipping Satan! -in the name of Stretching!

    One issue, we differ on, is the AC “To Come!” He is here, and has been here, as a Vicar of Christ!
    The Jesuits, want Evangelicals, as well as, faithful Catholics, to believe in : Preterism and Futurism!
    They have succeeded ! Most, the Christians believe, that the AC, is to come, and set up his throne in Jerusalem!
    No, I am afraid, he has been here, since the .Fall of the Roman Empire. See Daniel 7– The Little Horn!
    Christians (Protestants) don’t acknowledge, what their Founding Church Fathers Believed! What about the Early Church Theologians on 2 Thesalonians 2:1-10? Amazing, the shift, in thinking !
    Sounds like, The Red Dragon, has been at WORK…..Liar, and Great Deceiver!
    I think, we know the End ….God, told us, in the Bible! The RCC used to have the Bible, as a Forbidden Book….Wonder Why? Only, their Prelates, knew the Meaning…I wonder WHY?

    Many .blessings
    Sister in Christ

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  5. I have seen, the Humble, “Rock Star,” Papas, message before!”
    Washing the feet , of Muslims…just an example!
    There is POWER in the Vatican AGAIN!
    Keneth Copeland and Tony Palmer are Selling Out/Selling their Souls, to a Counterfeit Church!!!
    Praise to the Power of the Real Father In Heaven!
    This Unity = Babel ( Another, Door to God….Jesus is Our Only Way to God!)
    Have Mercy, on all, that believe, this False Unity!

  6. These “Feather Weight” New-Agers, don’t compare, to the works, of the Jesuit Order! They used to be Banned, throughout, the World! They, are Soldiers for the Papacy, NOT Christ! We have a New Pope, who swore, the Jesuit Oath! Quite Demonic, and they hate the Bible….but enjoy their Vulgate, where Mary crushes the Serpent, in Genesis, rather, than Christ!
    This order was behind, all the evil, that has cursed the Earth. They, played, a big part in spreading the Evolution Theory……Revolitions, and the Propagation of Mary Worship!
    This Order, founded bt, Ignatious Loyola was created for Counter- Reformation! (Period)

    • Hi Cathy, i have written about the Jesuits and Ignatious Loyola in my post A Meditation on Emergent Spirituality in this series. The New Age may seem “feather weight” to you, but what needs to be understood is that the New Age is the vehicle that Satan is using to draw the Emergent Church into the Mystery religions, of which the Roman Catholic Church is part. The whole One World religion will be based upon pagan spiritualism. The RCC is already steeped in paganism, but the devil is very cleverly using New Age techniques to draw the Protestant church in too. Meditation, yoga, chanting mantra, prayer beads etc… so we cannot overlook the part the New Age is playing in this. God bless

  7. The”Mystery Religion” is the RCC, since the beginning Of Christianity… was the First Attack on the Gospel of Christ, by Satan! The Great Deceiver is using the New Age Church, to draw the Protestants, back Home To Rome!,
    The Bishop of Alexandria, Cyril, morphed Egyptian Isis, into Mary. All the Pagan Religions have their worship in Mother/Child Deities. This is the RC model, to create a Relgion, that substitutes, for the Only God….Another Gospel, which veneration of Mary, the Saints, and Sacraments are The Way to Salvation!

    Mystery Babylon the Great, Mother(Church) of all Harlots (Unfaithful Churches) and Abominations!
    The RCC is Mystery Babylon ….No Need To Look Further, than Her!
    Revelation 17, exhibits her identity, from her Scarlet & Purple Vestments, Golden Cup, her Great Wealth!
    Let’s not even, speak, of the Little Horn, which arises out of the Roman Empire, and takes away 3 kingdoms: The Ostrogoths, Heruli, and Vandals ( Daniel 7 ) The world was ruled, by the Roman Catholic Church, and submitted to Rome/Papal Rome!
    These “Feather Weights” are, indeed, working for Satan….but they are a “Smoke Screen” for the Vatican ( Diving Serpent) Insiders!
    A good YouTube to watch: The Catholic Church, Past and Present! A Baptist Minister, goes on Location, to Rome, to show the Pagan Roots, of the Worlds Largest Christian Church (RCC!) Revelation 17 explained!
    Love their Bone Chapels and The Angel of Light, Masterpiece! Pay special attention, to the Jesuit Headquarters, where a statue shows, “the ripping out of pages of the Bible!” A symbol of the Reformation!

    • Yes all the mystery religions ultimately originate in paganism, the RCC is no exception. And this is the way it is heading again, back into paganism as we head into post-post-modernism. The emergent church has adopted much of paganism in its worship and ceremonies. God bless

      • All Religions, prior to Christianity, were, PAGAN, except Judaism, were God was trying to Reveal Himself, but the Jews, would Not accept the Real Messiah, Jesus!
        The first formal Religion of Christianity, was the Roman Catholic Church, she adopted, the Pagan Rituals, of the Roman Empire, and then, becomes the Ponifex Maximus, to the Christian World!
        Protestants alwaysfelt the RCC was Mystery Babylon The Great, until the Last Century! They, have been Deceived…..and by WHO?
        Not, the Emerging Church, of New Agers, but by Mystery Babylon!
        Even, the Apostle Peter, referred to ROME, as Babylon!
        The Emerging Church is Headed by the RCC!
        The Synthesis is to bring all Relgions, to Rome!
        There will be False Signs & Wonders and Miracles, involving Marion Apparitions! The Muslims venerate Mary, for centuries, they hold Mary, in unbelievable esteem! ( thanks to Fatima!) She is , second to Mohammed’s daughter, Fatima!

        Many Blessings

  8. Grace and truth are a few of my favorite things. What we are experincing is a dawning of a fresh revelation from God. There are bound to be a few missed steps. But what is obvious is that change is happening. Change is always welcomed by revolutionaries. What today’s mainline christian institutions need to figure out is how to harness this energy. Change is coming and the defenders of the orthodoxy in Jesus day was soon reduced to teaming up with the secular government and killing the flesh of Jesus. Not a good move. But there was Grace and forgiveness.

    • Hi there. Thanks for your comment. I think there are two points here. Firstly Jesus was certainly the instigator of “change” and considered a revolutionary during the time He walked the earth as Man. And He was certainly persecuted for it. However we have to understand that He came to fulfill the Old Covenant of the Ceremonial Law and to institute the New Covenant of grace. AT His death on the cross the Old was fulfilled and the New was brought in. This was the turning point of history. This was HUGE change. However, we are still in the time of the Covenant of grace. That has not changed. We, as humans, are not the instigators of change. It is ridiculous to compare the Emergent Church movement with Christ’s sacrifice at the cross and the turning point of the whole of human history. It is convenient for the Emergents to suggest that the healthy critique of their movement is parrellel to the persecution of Christ.

      Secondly: Yes, God is always doing a new thing – BUT within the barrier of His Word. He will never deviate from His Word, as His Word is THE revelation of Himself, His redemption and the future. Jesus Christ is the Word made flesh, to deny or compromise God’s written Word is to deny Christ Himself.

      When you say “change is coming” – that I know. But the change I see coming up within the Emergent Church is not of God, rather of man in the pursuit of relevance to this wicked generation. I also see the emergence of ancient pagan practices that were forbidden by God.

      Be very careful in your pursuit of change. I say this in love.

      God bless

      • Thanks for the reply. The interpretation of scripture is where the big change is happening. I will go to the root of the problem. Love! Grace and mercy follow right behind this most important point of Jesus. God who loved all extends grace an mercy to all those He loves. And there are many like the woman caught in the very act of adultery are having a hard time feeling the love from the mainline church. And this single point is the driving force of the emergent church. Law versus love. when I hear words like “fulfilling the law” what I hear is “I have an interpretation of scripture and any other interpretation is wrong”. I also hear “I know who is going to be saved and any outside of that group is not worthy, of human rights, justice, honor, respect, or safety”. I am not sure if that goes to the heart of your comment but it goes to the heart of the emergent movement.

        I remember the heart of President Bush was as conservative who was for trying to create a kindler and gentler approach. We now live in a world made smaller by the Internet and our Christian dirty laundry is exposed for all to see. If we are going to increase the understanding of God’s love within humanity then picking up rocks to stone sinners will be an epic fail. Therefore I and others are left with no choice but distance ourselves from the mainline of current orthodoxy. I do agree that emergent’s are far from perfect but at least an attempt is being made to get out of the box. We need to find some common ground in Jesus.

        I joined with them for that purpose to help steer the movement closer toward the heart of our Father. And believe me I tried to do the same with my original Christian family. For every hole you find in the emergent movement I could find one in the mainline Protestant movement of which I was and elder and member for the last 25 years of my life. But that is not the point. Grace and mercy is the point. But it is a only a tool of one who loves. God Love, Jesus Loves, the question remaining does the Church love?? Only the world can answer that one.

      • You are correct that the interpretation of scripture is where the change is happening. The Emergent Church is using post-modern literary critique techniques (de-constructionism) to try to re-interpret scripture in order to make the Bible more palatable. See “Satan’s Tool in the Emergent Church“.

        When you say that you “hear “I know who is going to be saved and any outside of that group is not worthy, of human rights, justice, honor, respect, or safety”. I am not sure if that goes to the heart of your comment but it goes to the heart of the emergent movement” of course that sounds so right and politically correct, however anyone who does not confess the Lord Jesus with their mouth and believe in their heart that God has raised Him from the dead, unfortunately is not saved. That is what the Bible says – that there is no other name under heaven by which man can be save than the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We may not want to believe it, it may mean we have to preach the gospel to the lost if that’s the case, however that is the truth and no amount of re-interpretation will change that.

        I agree with you that there are huge issues with mainline Protestantism. There is a cold, deadness and formality that breaks my heart. God is calling out the remnant once again and I believe there is coming a revival in which the last harvest will be brought in, many of them from other faiths/cultures.

        Unfortunately the answer to Protestantism’s problems isn’t to change the Word of God and try to make the Church more acceptable and relevant to the world, but rather to do what the Word says, to actually obey it. It is to cry out to God with weeping and tears for Him to come and help us, to save us from our dead formality, to cry out to Him to intervene and send His Spirit to bring revival as He has done throughout history.

        God help us! God save us! We need You desperately. IN Jesus’ wonderful Name, Amen

      • I suppose the Catholics said the same thing during Martin Luther’s time. But it is grace to know that there are people inside who are open for change and that pray for change. I worked for that change while I was and elder on the inside. Now I am working on the outside and there is a lot of work to be done. I was belssed to have spent 25 years in a Spirit-filled community that placed deep importance on the Word both logos and rehema. There are many Christians emerging from mainline denominations that did not have the benefits I was given.

        If the love of God, and the love of other humans as we love ourselves is the goal, then Christianity will blossome. Version 2.0 will be around for many years just like version 1.0 still is with us today. But I so look and work to all the possibilities of what God will reveal in Christianity 3.0.

      • I think there is only one Christianity – that which Jesus Christ is the centre. The Christianity of the early church in the Acts of the Apostles is normal Christianity. What we have today is sub-normal but we are so used to it that we don’t know it’s abnormal.

        What concerns me is that the Emergent Church is pushing Christ and His atonement out of the centre of Christianity in a bid to be more attractive, relevant and politically correct to the world and to other faiths. It’s not going to work because the Holy Spirit’s work is to point to and glorify Christ. It’s all just vain human effort that is leading towards a global one-world religion.

        Let’s not take matters into our own human hands, lets cry out to God for Him to move.

      • The Global, New One Religion is Roman Catholicism!
        She will Synthesize, All Religions, of the World, into her Net! Pagan god, Poseiden, trembles at her Presence, for she works, in Signs and Wonders, directly from the Red Dragon!!
        The Vatican has been at work, for a very Long Time! The Pope is thought, to be, god on Earth, not by some, but many!
        Did Satan, want to be like God?
        Don’t be fooled, by his Humility and the Garb of Righteouness! Think of his Princes draped in Scarlet & Purple! ( Revelation 17

      • As a Formrt Cradle Catholic… can Not have Unity, when Grace is acknowledged Differently!
        Rcatholicism, believes Grace comes through their Sacraments, by their Priests (Alter Christos) and we Know, it’s a Free Gift from God!
        How could you want, to be under “The spell of Priestcraft?)
        It is Finished…..No More Sacrifices, the Perfect Lamb go God, has Completed His Work, for Salvation, on the Cross!
        No Mass needed, only Remembrance of Him, until He Comes!
        Remember, Separated Brethen, are still under, The Council Of Trent!
        They will NEVER Change!
        Dogma, will NEVER Change!

        So please, come to the Realization, of WHO Babylon is, don’t Unite with her, for She WILL, be your Mother ( Mystery Babylon) Reconsider, before, it’s too Late!
        Christ is Coming in Glory, Soon!

  9. The Change, is the Radical work, of the ppl building, a Modern version of, “The Tower of Babel” (another portal or door to God!) Christ, is our ONLY DOOR!
    This is Pure, Unadulterated Humanism!”
    God is the Same, In the Past, Present, and Future….He is UNCHANGEABLE !
    Remember Christ, did not come to bring us Peace, he wanted to Shake us up!

  10. I know it may appear that Christ is being pushed out but I think that is what you where expressing about what is happening to the church. When I say inside and outside I am talking about religious forms. It used to be this denomination vs. that one. Now we have moved totally outside of Protestantism. You can not pour new wine in old wineskins. That is what you seem to be saying is missing. But you criticize the emergent movement for trying to express love in a different form.

    Here is another try to win you over. When did your child become your child? What did your child have to do? Is there anything that could ever change that status? I understand that a child will need to acknowledge that fact in order to claim benefit. But if a child does not acknowledge can anyone else claim that inheritance?

    If you ask me Christianity has de-evolved into a struggle over who gets the birthright. The prodigal son took and spoiled his portion. When he came back the other son was upset. In his mind all that was left was his because his brother took his portion. But his father had a different point of view. God say to us all equally, “All that I have is yours” We have to learn to see from God’s perspective.

    • One thing that is positive about the Emergent church is that it has recognized that nominal Protestant Christianity is subnormal. However, once again they are attempting to fix the problem through human effort and endeavor, rather than through the God-ordained methods of prayer, repentance and brokenness.

      “if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land” 2 Chronicles 7:14

      In order to become more attractive and appealing to non-believers the Emergents have discarded most of the gospel (ie. The cross, substitutionary atonement, heaven, hell etc) and instead adopted post-modernist theories and thought. This was never the Way of Christ, nor of the early Church. Christ Himself, and all of the apostles were persecuted, even unto death, for the sake of the truth of the gospel. Now we try to appease and be politically correct at every turn so that our comfort is not disturbed by persecution.

      At best the Emergent movement is secular humanism cloaked with a Christian garb, at worst paganism hiding under Christian terminology. Whichever, it is certainly no longer Christianity.

      It is NOT the Word of God that needs to be transformed, no, it is us that needs to be transformed, by the renewing of our minds.

      The Word of God is Truth. It is not subject to our whims and fancies. It is not subject to societal changes. It is not subject to cultural shifts. In other words, the Word of God is objective, not subjective. And thank God for that. How could we ever bend and conform it to fit with 7 billion different opinions and ideas?

      I am sorry if I sound harsh, but the Emergent idea of “love” is nothing more than human secular tolerance. True love is speaking the truth, in love, even if it costs you something to do it.

      A couple of years ago I was at the beach, relaxing on the sand. As I looked out to sea I saw a black fin in the water. (I am Australian 🙂 ). I didn’t know for sure whether it was a shark or a dolphin. But there were many, many people swimming in the water, including children. From my perspective the creature didn’t look very far from the people in the water. It seemed to be cruising right along the back of the swimming area. I couldn’t take the chance that it was just a dolphin.

      I didn’t hesitate. I ran along the water’s edge and started calling out and pointing “Shark! There’s a shark!” (Anyone seen “Jaws”?). I ran the whole length of the water where people were swimming. Some immediately ran out of the water. Some stood up and looked around trying to see for themselves. Some actually called out to me not to worry about it, they’d take their chances.

      Would it have been “love” for me to just sit there and hope for the best? Would it have been love for me to let those people potentially be destroyed because it was a bit embarrassing to run down the beach and warn them? I don’t think so. I certainly would want someone to warn me.

      To me the Emergent church is the onlooker who sits on the beach and just hopes the bad stuff will all go away and that everything will be ok in the end. As lovely as that sounds, unfortunately it is just simply not the truth.

      Love warns that this world is ripe for judgment. Love warns that there is a hell. Love warns that, just as the Bible says, every one of us are “born in sin and shapen in iniquity”, that “by nature we are children of wrath”, and that without repentance and faith in Christ, hell is our eternal destiny. Love shares the gospel of grace. Love shares that when we are adopted into the family of Christ it is then we become God’s child because we are translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of the Son of His love.

      Love says “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

      Blessings to you my friend.

  11. The language used by these emergent church leaders is horrible gobbledeegook. They need to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ, take up their crosses and die daily. Dying to self doesn’t look like a top priority with emergent church people.

    • Dying to self is a completely foreign concept to Emergents unfortunately Tim. Why die to self when you can attain to godhood instead? Which is more appealing to the flesh?

      God bless you Tim 🙂

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