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Of Fine Minds…


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Cross of Christ

There are some things that my spirit understands that I don’t. When I say “I”, I mean my mind. I am sure God has something against our intelligence which we still do not fully understand. But from reading scripture we can begin to get a grip on why God considers the human mind his enemy no.1.
I do not intend to go into that discussion in this post; I will do so in another post. For now, I just want to say how wonderful it is that there are things which my spirit understands perfectly well, but of which my mind is in the dark.
For example, I can find myself crying for no reason at all. That means my spirit understands something which my mind does not.
Sometimes I can feel led to do something which my mind is totally against. I can feel, sometimes, that I ought to…

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2 thoughts on “Of Fine Minds…

  1. Is, there such a thing, as Intellutual Idolatry? Where People, through Education, think know better, than the
    Divine….kind of like Adam and Eve, thinking they could be more like God, by listening to the Serpent!
    Are we not warned in the NT, about vain Philosophy Of Man and the Boastful Pride of Life???
    Something to think about!

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