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Love Looks Like Something


We can talk about Lovehelping-hand-1

all we want,


Discuss and reason


Talk about how it should feel

Until it becomes so high and lofty

that it is almost un-real.


But Love, real Love, looks like something

It is practical



Love looks like:

Taking food to your neighbour

For their needs to be met,

Or welcoming an outcast

into your precious home

(Would you use your best tea-set?)



Love looks like:

Becoming a friend to someone unlikely

Or calling with encouragement

on the telephone


Love looks like:

Going to the streets

And searching out the lost

to find that one missing sheep

Whatever the cost


Love looks like:

Cold metal nails

Driven into pure hands,

One crying out

“Father, forgive them!”

While His blood pours

To the ground


Love doesn’t always look tidy

Love doesn’t always smell good

Love is not convenient

But Love we should


True Love propels to action,

It is faith in its outworking.

True love is not afraid

To get its hands a little dirty.


If we could just look past

the quasi-“love” that we’ve been sold

We would find that it is the most real thing

In this earth

It’s effects untold…




Author: GraceandTruth

bringing the gospel to life

4 thoughts on “Love Looks Like Something

  1. Belinda, that was so beautiful. I have a new friend whose lifestyle is totally abhorrent to me. However, we laughed and chatted and smiled together over lunch. I was very aware of the Pharisees attitude to Jesus when He ate with sinners. As a Christian we often talk about love, but when it comes to the crunch, are we showing Jesus’ love to those around us who may not think, or act, as we do?

    • Thank you Diana. Sometimes it can be hard as a Christian to reconcile how we are to love the sinner whilst we hate the sin. Luke 15, called the gospel for outcasts, is such an important and beautiful example of Jesus and His love for sinners. Imagine, the Holy God, wrapped in human flesh, sitting and eating with human sinners. And even more so – the sinners were attracted to HIm, sought Him out! Wow…

  2. Thank you for sharing the poem about love. It is “right on”. If Christians could only live up to the love it describes it would make a tremendous difference. Jesus emphasized that the most important commandment we have is to “love God with all our heart, soul and mind and our neighbor as ourselves.” This poem shares about what that means.

    • Thank you for your encouragement Pastor Bell. I agree – for Christians to live this out is the ultimate. I think it is only possible for us through the empowerment and enabling of the Holy Spirit. God bless and thanks for reading!

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