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Let God Arise



Let His enemies be scattered”  Psalm 68:1


It is time for You to act O Lord,

Your law is being broken,


It is not time for a weak faith

that is shaken at every turn.

It is not time for our hands to hang down

And for our shoulders to shrug

“What can we do?”




It is time to raise our heads

And our hands

It is time to “extol Him who rides on clouds

By His name YAH”


It is time for soldiers to rise up

Who will not shrink back

It is time to be as bold as a lion,

To take our courage by both hands.

It is time to advance


It is time to be filled with the Spirit

Of Almighty God.


It is time to trust Him

And have faith

That will not waver

Even in the face of a fearsome enemy




Author: GraceandTruth

bringing the gospel to life

3 thoughts on “Let God Arise

  1. By His strength, By His power, by His Spirit, I will STAND! Amen! What an inspirational Word, Sister!

  2. Praise your Name Jesus. With the help of the Lord, I will stand.

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