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Hold Onto Your Joy

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Written by the Holy Spirit, 12 Sept 2013

We have this inheritance

Incorruptible and undefiled

To which God

Has begotten us

Through our faith in Jesus Christ.


Though now, for a little while,

You’ve been grieved

Through various trials

Know that your faith is being tested-

Refined through fire.


No matter how the enemy comes

To try to kill, steal and destroy-

Make sure of one thing through it all-

That you hold onto your joy


When the fire burns hottest,

When the trials come thick and fast,

The joy of the Lord will be your strength

And soon it will be past.


But our living hope in Christ remains

For we will receive our faith’s end –

With joy unspeakable-

The salvation of our souls

To this we must contend.


Amen and amen.

1 Peter 1:3-9


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