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What’s it all about?


It’s not about me.

Its not even about my ministry.

It’s not actually about being right.

It’s not about my perfection,

Nor my “self-improvement”

It’s about one, only One…

It’s about Him,


The Word made flesh

When all else is gone,

when nothing remains,

when our work is over

and our time complete,

He is eternal,

He remains

and will always be

Oh how I love Jesus,

Because He first loved me

AW Tozer said it best:

“Wherever we turn in the church of God, there is Jesus. He is the beginning, middle and end of everything to us…. There is nothing good, nothing holy, nothing beautiful, nothing joyous which He is not to His servants. No one need be poor, because, if he chooses, he can have Jesus for his own property and possession. No one need be downcast, for Jesus is the joy of heaven, and it is His joy to enter into sorrowful hearts. We can exaggerate about many things; but we can never exaggerate our obligation to Jesus, or the compassionate abundance of the love of Jesus to us. All our lives long we might talk of Jesus, and yet we should never come to an end of the sweet things that might be said of Him.  Eternity will not be long enough to learn all He is, or to praise Him for all He has done, but then, that matters not; for we shall be always with Him, and we desire nothing more.”


Author: GraceandTruth

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3 thoughts on “What’s it all about?

  1. Love it. Simple, important truth.

  2. very apt thoughts in this post. Edifying!

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