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No Church Allowed in Victoria


All churches have been closed since March here in Victoria, Australia. Seven months now and not a whimper from one church leader. Pathetic.

Yesterday we went to a park and sat outside and had church. There were 20 of us. We spaced out in household groups. I’ll admit not many of us were wearing masks.

We worshipped amongst the trees , my husband and I dedicated a baby and we read the Word.

And then someone called the police.

“Who’s the leader here?” they said as they walked over, fully armed. My husband said we were. I showed them my Bible and said that we are having church.

“It’s illegal” she said “you’re having a mass gathering”.

I asked if I could speak to her aside. She reluctantly agreed and I explained to them both that amongst our group there has been two attempted suicides in the last fortnight.

“It’s no excuse for breaking the law” she said.

“I will have to fine each of you $5000 . I have to, we no longer have discretion”.

Before you judge me as being irresponsible and for not obeying the government, just try to imagine yourself in Melbourne . Please try to imagine being in lockdown since March. Stage 4 lockdown since July. Not allowed to leave our homes 22 hours a day, not allowed to see anyone except one person outside and, up till recently, only if you’re walking. Not allowed to leave a 5km radius of our home.  Now we are allowed to actually sit in a park with no more than 5 people total and from a maximum of two households. Masks are mandatory at all times. Most workplaces are closed still. Kids have been out of school for months. Suicides are at an all time high for boys under 18.

And churches are shut.

Peope in other states of Australia cannot even grasp what we have been going through down here and I don’t blame them for that. Nobody should have to live like this. There have been moments where I felt I would lose my mind…But for the grace of God…

Many people have though. A couple who owned a beauty business which has been shut for many months, dropped their two kids off at their grandparents and then went and took their own lives.

And yet we count daily covid cases like they’re the only thing that matters now. For the last three weeks our daily covid cases have been 10-15.

So judge me if you like, tell me I’m being irresponsible but I honestly couldn’t care less. We have been smuggling people in to our home for months. We have been running an underground church. We have cast out demons, we have lead people to Christ and we have baptized people. This week we will be baptizing another in our bathtub.

Tell me, can this Anti- Christ government stop Gods work and Gods kingdom? No.

For those who have told me I should submit to government, I want to ask you, what side would you have been on when the Nazis were in power?

The police didn’t end up fining us $5000 each, thank You Lord, they let us off with a warning after all. Even ended up thanking us for the work we are doing. “Just find a way to do it legally,” they said. That is something I cannot figure out.

Our churches will not be open for months and months here.

But by the grace of God we will continue on.





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33 thoughts on “No Church Allowed in Victoria

  1. Praying for you all bro and sis, may the Lord strenghtens you and protect you in this hard time in the name of Jesus-Christ Amen

  2. Oh my goodness I had no idea! In fact sad to say I have no idea where Victoria is. (Sorry I’m a Yank). We will start praying for you guys in our small group. Here in Florida we just started up last month but that was our choice and about half the members either watch on line or have dropped out. It is a real time of testing for us all. I’ll also repost this with your permission. Blessings

  3. I have been thinking about you for several days and wondering what’s going on there. I was glad to see a post today but shocked to know how locked down you still are. I commend you for being a soldier of Jesus Christ in a difficult time. Your living faith is an encouragement. Prayers and love to you.

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  5. I am praying in Jesus Name that your lock down be lifted. I rebuke the government. I bind you. I take your power away in Jesus Name. I loose Angel’s of the most High to subdue the leaders and make them powerless. I command freedom to the church in Jesus Nsme

  6. Here in the states we too have experienced a serious breach of government overreach and malfeasance. Most states are doing pretty good, but a few states have been controlled by governors who don’t follow Christ and are trying to set up our Democratic Party as God in our nation. Please pray the party of the devil, the Democrats, do not gain power, that they loose every seat up for grabs, or America too will fall under this type of ridiculous government control that Australia is under. The media doesn’t tell us this, thanks for printing. I will be praying diligently for you and praise God the work he is doing in spite of this evil, demonic, satanic government take over all over the world. God is bigger than this evil.

    • Amen to that. What a mighty God we serve. Thank you for your prayers 🙏🏻 I love the universal Church of Christ! I surely have been praying for America’s upcoming election and will continue to do so. The satanic oppression that has come on our state through this wicked government is hard to believe. I certainly wouldn’t wish it on anyone

  7. They should be allowed to have a church by zoom or outdoors spaced out 6 feet. People need people, we still can be social but social distancing with masks.

    • We can have church by Zoom but it is not the same and as it has been going on since March there is much fatigue with it. You are right, people need people. The church should not be forsaking the assembling of itself together

  8. People need people, We were made for relationship with God and others. They should be able to have church outside {space} 6 ft apart with masks. In the cold months we had church and Bible study on zoom. People were made to be social and they still can be social by social distancing with masks, sanitizer, gloves and face shields.

    • Face shields are now banned here in Victoria. We have to wear a fitted mask at all times or a $200 fine. We are only allowed out of our home for two hours a day and for only one of four reasons. We are not allowed to go further than a 5km radius from our home or a $5000 fine. It is hard to believe but let me assure you, true

  9. May the Lord uphold you for the service He has committed into your hands. May God make room for you to even do more in this lockdown like He did through Paul while He was incarcerated! I pray for strength for you. You will not be tired in Jesus mighty name. Amen

  10. Thank you for helping prevent suicide. Your doing good, although the government seems pushy, they see it as they can save lives or not save lives. The way I see it is your both doing a good job. Im really glad they didnt fine you.

    Thank you for this informative post.


  11. Not only has there been a lack of open churches, leading to irritability, depression, and suicide, but also, with the delays in the courts, a loss of justice…at least, as it’s disseminated by the judicial system, ie, poorly. I think God show them a bit of His justice of His own!

  12. Hi Belinda! I’ve been thinking about you for days and wondering how you’re doing.

    • Hi Eirene! Thank you for thinking of me and checking in! I think it’s the Holy Spirit that I have received your message today.
      Last Saturday we sold our house in Victoria and we are moving up to north Australia. We can no longer live in this state under this government. I know a lot of governments are wicked but the Victorian one is especially. They are now introducing a law that if a Christian teaches that there is two genders , even to the own child, or prays with someone to convert from homosexuality they can be jailed for ten years. We feel the Lord is leading us to go, like Moses. But we don’t know anyone up north so we have to really just trust Him. Today we are flying up there to “spy out the land” and hopefully find somewhere to live.
      So it is a significant day.
      I do hope you are well. Love and God bless

  13. Belinda: Here is a very powerful message preached by Pastor Samson Jebutu that you might like to listen to:

    From Great Storm. . . to Great Calm!

  14. Oh, brother, praying for you and the Body, and especially for the desperate ones!!! In His love, from California

  15. This is my first time on your blog and I am so sorry to hear that you and your community are experiencing this restriction. My prayers go up for you all that this situation is changed and that your faith fails you not. No matter what, nothing can stop the plan of God or the purposes of God.

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