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Join This Chariot


About three weeks ago I had a dream that a couple of people were coming to our house for prayer. But when I opened the front door a stream of people came in and kept coming…and coming. All different races of people. I wondered how they knew to come. They said

“We knew you’d be open!”

Our lounge was packed with people and I lifted up my hands and said “No social distancing here!”

The dream ended.

During the lockdown we had been doing a Bible study every morning and two others had been joining us via Messenger. So we just thought now we are “allowed” to have two people come to our house we will just invite them on a Sunday morning to continue this bible study, but now in person.

That was three weeks ago and every week more and more people have come on a Sunday. We have such a blessed time of worship, bible study, prayer and eat lunch together. Yesterday was beautiful.  We had guys join us from a Christian halfway house, where they take in men who have come out of jail or rehab and give them a place to live and a job.

The Lord spoke to us about House of Saul versus House of David and the outcasts going to David in the cave at Adullum….

On Friday I said to the Lord “What is going on?” This home-Church thing seems to be taking off at our place FAST, like it’s almost out of our control.

we have literally just opened the doors and people have come.

He gave me this scripture in our family bible study and confirmed It the next day as I was reading the book “Anointed for Burial”

”Go and join this chariot” Acts 8:29

As my friend Tim Shey has said , I think we just need to follow the cloud at the moment guys.

Be willing to do things differently because suddenly all our plans have been interrupted. Like the old thing is dead now. We’ve got to just follow the Lord.

And as my other friend (and spiritual father) Bill Randles has said – the church needs to meet in flesh and blood.

bless you,




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2 thoughts on “Join This Chariot

  1. God is doing great things during this pandemic. Congregations are reaching out in ways they never thought of, or ways that were too much trouble, or that seemed beyond their resources. We may be locked down (or out) but The Spirit can walk right through doors! We had a house church for a few years, and because it was discussion rather than sermon it felt we got closer, deeper. It served a specific purpose, serving people who had been hurt by religion, and when the need ended, so did the group. God is always doing the right thing, and how blessed we are when God lets us be a part of it!

    • So true! I love how God works, so beyond us…
      I think this whole pandemic is giving people pause for how church has been done for so long. Could it be possible that it’s not about the buildings but that we are the church… blessings to you

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