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Missionary Quotations: Jonathan Edwards


“You contribute nothing to your salvation except the sin that made it necessary.”


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2 thoughts on “Missionary Quotations: Jonathan Edwards

  1. This is a great quote. I affirm there is no contribution we can make to save ourselves or keep ourselves saved. God has done all through His Son Jesus’ sacrifice, and assured us through His resurrection of the acceptance of that work as payment for all sin. We have but to trust in His work, and even that faith is the gift of God.
    There is nothing to add to the good news, not baptism, not turning from our sins, not ‘making Jesus Lord’. We receive forgiveness of sins, everlasting life, and right standing with God all in the moment we repent – that is change our mind – to believe in- to place our trust in the finished work of Jesus – what His death and resurrection achieved.

    Your posts are encouraging. Thank you sister.

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