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Shame on GoFundMe for Removing Israel Folau’s Account


George Orwells famous book “1984” springs to mind as GoFundMe takes down Israel’s page, after his donations exceed $760,000.

After the media’s and the elite class’s relentless attack on him and his appeal, it seems GoFundMe has bowed to the pressure and removed his account:

“Today we will be closing Israel Folau’s campaign and issuing full refunds to all donors. After a routine period of evaluation, we have concluded that this campaign violates our terms of service,” said Nicola Britton, GoFundMe’s Australia Regional Manager.

“As a company, we are absolutely committed to the fight for equality for LGBTIQ people and fostering an environment of inclusivity. While we welcome GoFundMes engaging in diverse civil debate, we do not tolerate the promotion of discrimination or exclusion.”

This is truly a sad day for freedom in our country.

George Orwell’s novel is about “government overreach, totalitarianism and repressive regimentation of all persons and behaviours within society” (Wikipedia).

Let us remember that Israel Folau has been sacked from his job for quoting a part of the most popular book in history, the Bible. He was entitled to start a GoFundMe page, which obviously GoFundMe accepted in the beginning, but now because of public pressure they have rescinded and taken it down.

What to make of this? That only one side of the debate is welcome in the public arena now – and woe betide if another opinion is expressed! Then the loss of employment, the public destruction of character, reputation and family is all acceptable, and indeed commendable, in the name of so-called “tolerance”.

Except that “tolerance” is only tolerant of its own opinions and beliefs.

This kind of “tolerance” is actually Totalitarianism, friends. And sadly that is where we are heading.

Lord have mercy.

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8 thoughts on “Shame on GoFundMe for Removing Israel Folau’s Account

  1. Oh the times we are living in! Come soon Lord Jesus.

  2. Whilst Israel Folau’s comment were perhaps unwise, I defend his right to speak freely without facing this kind of utterly dispicable discrimination. I’ll add GoFundMe to the list of companies that I will never do business with. If anyone is raising funds and looking for my support, don’t use GoFundMe.

    • You’re right, it’s despicable seeing this bullying and discrimination against Israel and his wife. The hypocrisy is hard to fathom to of the virtue signaling “tolerant” who attack someone who has a different opinion than them.
      Agreed, I’m also boycotting GoFundMe from now on. Thanks for your comment
      Belinda 🙂

    • Ok so GoFundMe is actually evil

      • I just checked the link above about GoFundMe, but the link doesn’t work. The link is from Fellowship of the Minds. It seems like that website has been under cyber attack lately because Fellowship of the Minds does a good job of exposing the wicked in the United States. Sorry the link does not work.

      • It actually worked before because I read it. Yes but doesn’t seem to be working now… Lord please move Your right hand in this situation

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