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Little Children : the Victims of Political Correctness


Little children deliberately crushed in the streets of France by a truck driven by an Islamic terrorist and still our leaders and media spew forth leftist social platitudes and political correctness! Kids, think about it, children killed in another Islamic terrorist attack and STILL our leaders will NOT use the words “Islam(ic)” or “Muslim”.  Poor kids, they deserve better than that.  How many more of our kids will be laid on the altar of political correctness before anyone actually does anything?  In 18 months, France has been the target of three major terrorist attacks in which more than 230 people have died


The French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, actually said:

“Times have changed and we should learn to live with terrorism.”

Really? That’s what it’s come to now?

Just give up and learn to live with terrorism, oh people of the West. Just give up and learn to live without your little child who was crushed in the street oh Mum and Dad.

It sounds to me like surrender. (I wonder what it sounds like to a potential jihadist?)

And surrender of course it is.

How do we fight a war that we cannot admit even exists?

How do we face up to the threat posed by Islam if we cannot admit the motivation behind these attacks in the first place?

You know the standard line we hear after every single terrorist attack: “police are searching for a possible motive…”; “He was possibly gay”; “His marriage broke up and he was depressed” …Hmmm, what could possibly be the motivation…? Here’s a clue : the Nice terrorists’ name is Muhammed Lagouaiej Bouhlel and he screamed “Allahu Akbar!” whilst driving into the crowd.

Every time someone actually drops the politically correct charade for a moment and admits the truth of the fact that Islam is NOT a religion of peace, they are apparently “playing right into the hands of the rhetoric of Isis”.

Well newsflash:

An act of war is declared when little children are crushed on our city streets by a truck!

I am sorry but the hash tags just don’t cut it anymore.

#JeSuisCharlie didn’t stop Islamic extremists from killing again in Paris, or in Nice.

#JeSuisNice wont stop the next one either.

But of course, France was surrendered, or rather betrayed, long ago by its leaders.

“Europe has become Eurabia as a result of France and Germany’s bargain with the devil as far back as the days of the 1974 OPEC oil embargo. In order to keep the flow of oil, agreements were made with the Arabs, which always included provision for mass immigration of North African and Arab populations into Europe. French leadership even allowed for the incorporation of Arab educational standards for French schools particularly in teaching of the Crusades, Islam and the Holocaust.” (Pastor Bill Randles, The Greatest Betrayal Ever Seen..France/Europe)

The Islamists/jihadists/terrorists know that France, and in fact, Europe, are toothless tigers.  Of course France and Europe will condemn these acts and speak very harshly against them. But that’s it. After all, they need oil.

It reminds me of what happened in 2014 with the annexation of Crimea by the Russians – NATO spoke very harshly against it. They condemned it. But that was it. Because Russia is one of the EU’s largest suppliers of energy .

So once again we are forced to endure the nauseating calls for tolerance, unity and love.

A local reader of The Age newspaper put it very well:

“There is something soothing in Paul McGeough’s declaration of Western impotence on terrorism (“Nice attack: There’s little leaders can do about the carnage”, 15/7, The Age). We are reassured by the thought of our inaction being validated. Similarly the “lone wolf” narrative helps us deal with our disbelief at any concerted attempt to kill innocents, or in any need for reform within radical Islamism. After all, “it’s just a mad man” and “who are we to criticise other cultures?”

If we delude ourselves into believing this, then we guarantee a soul numbing pattern of death and terror. Almost by definition, there is no hope of a decline in terror without an abandonment of this despondently apathetic outlook and cowardly refusal to confront the growing contradictions of our “tolerant even of intolerance” society.”

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!




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8 thoughts on “Little Children : the Victims of Political Correctness

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  3. This has been welling up for generations. It’s a systematic attack against families and whether it be from feminism, homosexuality, abortion or now Islam, it’s the devil’s aim to destroy the family. Destroy the family and the future ceases to exist.

    The problem is most of society has their heads in the sand, and they cannot hear the warnings.

    • Absolutely Paul- the devils first point of attack is always the family. Family underpins society and we are seeing the fruit of family breakdown in our society now. To me it is especially frustrating that our leaders/politicians etc refuse to acknowledge the truth and keep feeding us the same mindless rhetoric over and again – even at the expense of their own citizens whom they are charged with protecting. When it comes to choosing political correctness OVER the safety of children then it is just pure evil. I truly believe PC is the state religion now.

      • The rhetoric spewed out by these leaders is nothing more than the rhetoric that they ingested in school, college and now in their ridings. Just think, forty or fifty years of garbage in, has to result in garbage out. They are nothing more than mindless peons of a God-hating system that has been in power for hundreds of years. We are now seeing the fruit of all the “behind the scenes” prep work done by the devil.

        The devil’s time is running out, and if he knows this, then he will want to bring as many down with him as possible.

        There has to be a grand delusion going on for society to look at the carnage in our cities and countries and still hold to the lie that “we have no evidence that is was Muslims”.

        I mean…wow!

      • I know right! What the…? You’re tight – it’s nothing new! If they’re willing to sacrifice our children on the altar of moloch to appease the feminists (abortion) then what’s the difference sacrificing a few kids to appease the Muslims. It’s unspeakable. I just keep thinking how their innocent blood must be crying out to God to avenge them, since no one else will

  4. Oh He will…and when these Muslims get to the afterlife, they will be crying out to Allah(the devil) to save them, and he will be powerless to save them as he will be sharing the same damnation as they will be.

  5. Absolutely agree. Come Lord Jesus, Come

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