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The Lord Looks After His Own


Friday street-preaching I encountered a hostility which I have never encountered before.  It actually left me a little flinders stdisturbed all weekend.

I was there with my little group, 5 of us, and my new PA, graciously provided by God. Because it was raining we set up under the shelter at the train station.

Before long I was preaching and praise the Lord, the anointing fell down on that place. People were listening, some were recording on their mobile phones. One of the ladies with me said it was so amazing that she felt to repent all over again.

But then out came the cops. One of them said that I can’t preach there, I need a permit , blah blah etc. I had done my homework and so very respectfully I told him that I am allowed to preach without a permit as it comes under the Freedom of Speech Act. He acquiesced but told me to turn the PA down, it was too loud (I’ve never had that problem before!).

So we kept going. We had many good conversations with people – a syncretistic muslim who simultaneously is reading the Bible and the Q’uran. He said he is going to come back again to continue our conversation. A confused Christian who thought that his occult gifts had been given him by God in order to help others. He left saying that he is going home to get rid of all his astrology etc books and tapes, renounce it all and repent. I pray that he did.

woman preacherThen preaching again. Then the anointing again. Then the cops again.

This time he was agitated.

“No, you cant keep doing this! You have to go now!”

I didn’t know what to do to be honest, as I am of the opinion to respect authority. However I knew he was on Satan’s errand and that I was perfectly within my rights to be there.

However, God stepped in on my behalf and the policeman’s partner, whom previously had said nothing, quietly said, “Just turn it down a bit more.”

So I did and I never saw them again.

But that’s when the real fun began. I went around handing out tracts to people and came to a bloke who was physically huge with a long, white beard. He looked like a biker. I tried to hand him a tract and immediately he started blaspheming Jesus. As I could see that the conversation was going nowhere I started to move away from him. That’s when he started on me.

“You crazy, deluded lady! You are crazy.  You think you know Jesus.  Oh you’ve met Him have you?” He said this while looking me in the eye and then openly laughed a mocking laugh at me.

I’ve been called many things before, actually things a lot worse than what he called me. I’ve had horrendous swear words, blasphemies thrown at me while preaching. I’ve had people laugh and shake their heads at me, but somehow this was worse than all of that. I think it’s because he looked at me in the eye while he said it and laughed. It was disturbing. I realised that this man was full of demons.  A mocking spirit was very obvious and I took myself away from him.

It entered my mind that he was so big he could probably kill me with one punch. Now this is not a typical thought for me on the street. I rarely ever feel unsure or threatened out there because the presence of the Lord is so real.

Anyhow I started preaching again and he stayed to heckle me. This was ok by me though. Strange as it sounds I enjoy a good heckle. I find the Holy Spirit anointing is so strong when I am being heckled. Also, it draws a crowd, and therefore more people hear the gospel.

He was screaming at me while I preached. You know – crazy lady, blah blah blah. He was trying to drown me out and he almost did because my PA had been turned down so much. He shut up for a little while until I preached about the coming day of wrath and to flee to Jesus from the wrath that is to come. Well, that set him right off again.

“You are preaching hate!! Hate preacher. I’ll get you for religious vilification.”  For a while all I could hear was the word “hate”.

I realised he was waving around a Q’uran. Aha – not a biker dude, an Aussie muslim convert.

Well he kept going and I kept going. There was a crowd. It was quite fun.

Every now and then though a thought would pop in my mind that he may come over and break my arm with one flick of his wrist. He really hated me, that much I knew.

To my left then I noticed were two men standing there. They looked like workmen because they were wearing orange high-vis vests. They were standing in the rain, although they could have easily fit under the cover. They stood together and quietly talked whilst intensely watching the big man screaming at me.

They never once looked at me, nor even in my direction. They kept their eyes firmly planted on him, and I immediately knew that they were there to protect me. I just knew that my Father had sent them to watch over me and that if screaming man took one step towards me they would intervene.

I wonder if they were angels? I have no idea if they were or not, but I knew like I knew that God had sent them there.

After I finished preaching and started packing up to leave the big man was still screaming at me. He was still saying that he was going to get me for religious vilification.

The two workmen were still standing watching him.  When he finally shut up and started losing interest I looked back and they were gone.

cropped-jesus.jpgAnyway then we went to McDonalds for lunch and praised God for an awesome time.

One thing I know for sure : that when we obey the Lord He will provide for us and He will watch over us. I left there with the sense that Jesus is happy with us.

God bless you my dear brothers and sisters,














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19 thoughts on “The Lord Looks After His Own

  1. I have been incognito for awhile, but this is the first thing I read in coming back online for another while. I feel inspired and delighted by your accounts, and this one as well. Be blest that you bless others, by your preaching and your reporting!

    • Thank you David! How lovely of you to encourage me so. I am so blessed to know that my little accounts have inspired you. That certainly makes me feel that it’s all worth it. I hope all is going well for you and that you may have found some brothers and sisters to fellowship with. God bless 🙂

  2. Thank you for the work you are doing for the Lord, and for this inspiring post. Be blessed!

  3. Hey Belinda, I was encouraged by your post. A praise God for His work! I wanted to ask you how did you start street preaching? Did you go by yourself for a while or did you gather a team?

    • Hi Angela, thanks for your encouragement and your question. I started by joining an already established team that went out every friday night. I went out with them every fortnight for 3 years and that was really my training ground. Then the Lord led me to go during the day of a Friday once a month and that was a big step in faith because I had to trust that He would provide me with a team. Which of course He has done. He is a good God Angela. Do you feel led to start street preaching/evangelism? 🙂

      • I have gone out twice, on my own, when I felt led to do so- which was a huge step of faith for. Like you said, it’s so cool to see how speaks through. But I have not been satisfied with those two few moments of going out, and I’ve had a strong a desire to go out regularly, but, if I can be honest, I’m absolutely terrified. I wish I had a team. I do know that God has placed a desire for evangelism in my heart, and I am
        Just wrestling with Him, because I care so much of what others think and don’t like confrontations. Nonetheless, He is asking me to lose my life, deny myself, pick up my cross, and follow Him. I’m much as it’s comfortable to just sit, it’s so so miserable to not live the life God desires- a life so much bigger than us and for His glory. Gosh, I’m so grateful to read your posts. As a young sister (I’m 22 years old), I am deeply encouraged. Hugs!

      • I am going to pray that God will provide you with at least one other person Angela. We can trust Him to do so as He sent out His disciples two-by-two after all. I do believe there is power in going out as the Body of Christ (where two or more are gathered in His name).

        Caring about what others think is the hardest part about going out to evangelise in public. It is something I still struggle with. I think that very thing is the death to self, the denial of self, that you rightly mention. Every time I go out my flesh is crucified and that is where the power of the Holy Spirit is released I truly believe. I also used to be terrified – actually every time I went out for the first four years!! Then one day the fear just went.

        I really recommend the book “Prayer and Evangelism” by Jessie Penn Lewis if you are able to get your hands on a copy. It has truly blessed me.

        Please don’t hesitate to contact me again if you need any prayer/support/advice. It has truly encouraged me to know that God is raising up others to go out and fulfil the Great Commission – especially young women!

        God bless you sis 🙂

  4. I believe those two guys were angels sent by the Lord to protect you.

    Hitchhiking in Nebraska

    • Wow I really love that thought. God is so good to me, I just love Him so much. I really don’t know how anyone could live or want to live without Him in their lives . Thanks for sharing that post, it is awesome 🙂

  5. As it turns out, yours was not the only post of this sort that I read in the last 2 or 3 days. And… I have a few similar experiences along with some challenging thoughts that I decided to share, prompted in part by your post here.

    I invite you (and any of your readers) to visit and respond… …perhaps engage a conversation….

    Find it here:

    Thanx for opening this stuff up!

    Agent X
    Fat Beggars School of Prophets
    Lubbock, Texas (USA)

  6. Praise God for your faithfulness to Him. Yes, He definitely sends angels or people to protect us. Even if they were two men, you can be sure there were angels with them guiding them to protect you.

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