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Street Chalking and Preaching – On the News!


image“It’s not about Jesus!” He screamed at me “it’s about yourself!”
“@#%*! stop talking about Jesus! #%*# self! #%^* self!”

This man was screaming at me literally within seconds of me beginning to preach today. He was so angry that at one point he looked like he was going to run at me. That was a little disconcerting to be honest. But I kept preaching as the joy of the Lord began to rise in me. The woman he was with held him back as his veins bulged and he kept screaming at me until she managed to lead him around the corner and they’d gone. Most of what I could hear him saying was foul language and the word “self”. Talk about a manifestation of the spirit of this age!

I am always encouraged when someone screams like that. I know that may sound strange but there are a few reasons for why I find it encouraging:

  • It shows me that we are getting through to the unseen realm and having an impact
  • It draws a crowd to hear the gospel
  • It breaks off of me the fear of man like nothing else does
  • The joy that comes from being abused for Jesus’ sake is supernatural and inexplicable

So much happened today! Here is just some of it:

  • The anointing fell as one of the ladies chalked Isaiah 55:6 on the ground and I was preaching
  • A witch accosted us and told us we are making people feel bad about themselves and that she has never sinned and in fact, she is truth
  • A young homosexual couple called me over. They were under conviction. They seriously asked me questions about how to be saved and if it meant giving up homosexuality
  • A young woman who was open to the gospel gladly received a Bible and would like to keep in touch
  • God gave me physical grace to preach. Having had an ulcerated oesophagus for the last 3 weeks I struggled at first. My chest was heaving like I was severely unfit and I could only speak for a few minutes. Then my sisters prayed for me and I was able to preach.
  • There were six of us there and each one functioned in her/his part of the Body of Christ as one. That was a special blessing. (Psalm 133:1,2)
  • We were told by some “official” that we shouldn’t be chalking there. This is because we had a lady with us whose first time it was on the street. She had received Isaiah 55:6 specifically for the chalking and there was a real anointing to it. Thus, predictably, the enemy was trying to shut it down.
One of the team doing a great job preaching

One of the team doing a great job preaching

Finally, our chalking ended up on the news because immediately after we left the station there was a huge protest in that very spot. Thus hundreds of people would have read it at the station and many more on the news.

Source: Our chalking can be seen in blue

Our chalking can be seen in blue

Praise the King of kings and the Lord of lords.
Love Him to bits.




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7 thoughts on “Street Chalking and Preaching – On the News!

  1. LIGHT Oversomes Darkness! Very Good Job, very rewarding work!

  2. I find your posts so exciting. While the enemy of Christ has power in this world, when you and your team assault the very walls of hell those barriers cannot stand. Your posts also make me sad, for though I am not called to the sidewalk, I know others are, and no one in my town, nor the two cities nearby, is doing it. So may my prayers help hold you up to bring the Good News as Jesus commanded in the last words on earth!

    • Thank you for your prayers! Yes we surely need them! I am also sad to hear that no one is evangelising on the streets in your nearby cities. I believe it is so important as it is spiritual warfare in that town/city, as you point out. It enforces the kingdom of light and pushed back the kingdom of darkness. Jesus said to pray the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into it, for the fields are white unto harvest. I encourage you to also pray that He send out labourers into your city. Actually I feel to do it now. Lord, do it we pray. Send out labourers into these Canadian towns and cities. Raise them up and send them forth in Jesus’ Name, Amen.
      God bless you and thanks always for the encouragement.
      Belinda 🙂

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