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World Outrage Grows Over Cecil the Lion


This case is outrageous. Infuriatingly so.

An innocent and beautiful lion was killed as a trophy for a rich man, yes.

But as reprehensible to me as that is, that is not what outrages me.

What outrages me is the hypocrisy of the moral-high ground that the media, government officials, social media and individuals are all taking.

How dare he kill a lion?” “He has no right to kill a defenceless animal.” “How dare he use it as a trophy?”

I actually don’t disagree with these statements, I hate hunting for sport. I hate that a defenceless animal is killed at the whim of a human-being sporting a gun. I surely do not understand how killing anything is considered sport.

But the self-righteousness of what I am witnessing makes me sick. It is incomprehensible to me that while the world becomes so “outraged” over the killing of one lion, an animal, outrage over the systematic killing of defenceless, innocent babies every day within our civilised society is almost non-existent.

The outrage over the death of a lion! To the point where the man who killed it has to go into hiding. Where is the outrage over:

  • 60 million babies aborted in the USA since Roe Vs Wade,
  • the estimated 80,000 babies that are aborted in Australia every year and the
  • 336 million babies aborted in China over the last 40 years?

One may argue that abortion has nothing to do with the killing of Cecil the lion and that the two issues should not be connected. After all one is to do with killing for sport, the other is “women’s healthcare”.

Agreed. They are not the same issue.

Of course they aren’t. One is to do with an animal’s right to live. The other a human being’s right to live.

The issue is completely different because of course human life is more valuable than animal life.

Isn’t it?


How the hell have we come to the point where we are so outraged, so angry over the death of a lion that the man who killed it has to go into hiding, but at the same time we collectively don’t give a rats-you-know-what about millions of innocent baby boys and girls being murdered every day?

You tell me we haven’t lost our moral compass somewhere along the line. When we consider the life of an animal as of greater intrinsic value, as something more worthy to get outraged about than the life of millions of babies, then something is seriously, seriously wrong.

God help us


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5 thoughts on “World Outrage Grows Over Cecil the Lion

  1. About ten or so years ago a lady was jogging in the hills somewhere in California. She was attacked and killed by a mountain lion. There was more money given to the mountain lion memorial fund than the jogger’s. This is a perverse generation.

    • That’s exactly what I’m talking about! It’s crazy. “A perverse generation” absolutely hits the nail on the head. The other issue I could have mentioned is the killing, murdering, raping and enslaving of countless Christians happening right now in the MIddle East by ISIS. Children are even being crucified…and it’s not mentioned in the media. Misplaced outrage….truly a crooked generation.

  2. Sin is so outrageous. And humans find so many ways to sin, and so many ways to ignore or spurn the actions of deep Godly love. I keep reminding myself that God is even more outraged than we are because God sees all the sin, hears all the plans to sin, and cries with all those who are sinned against. And so somehow we keep on even on the days when it seems hopeless to us, because God is at work, too!

    • That is so very true. God still is at work amongst sinners, and redeemed sinners, even though HIs cup of wrath surely must almost be spilling over at our great sin. How great and deep is the FAther’s love for us!
      “How vast beyond all measure
      That He should give His only Son
      To make a wretch His treasure…”

      Thank you for those thoughts, God bless

  3. I do agree with you. Like you, I am very sad to think of someone killing a lion for no good reason at all. However, the sin that is besetting mankind is absolutely unbelievably evil. I heard on Vision Christian Radio this morning that one third of Christians believers in North Korea are in prison doing hard labour, mainly for expressing their belief in the Bible. Then there are all the believers being murdered for their beliefs in Syria, Iraq etc. We also should remember that in the O.T. people were throwing their babies in the fire, worshipping strange gods. I would suggest that what we are doing is even worse. We are killing our babies right from the womb and there isn’t even an ourcry.

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