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Missionary Quotations: Leonard Ravenhill5


leonard r“A man who is intimate with God is not intimidated by man.” Leonard Ravenhill


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4 thoughts on “Missionary Quotations: Leonard Ravenhill5

  1. This is a Man Centered Culture, instead of God centered!
    Many people look to the Pope (Bishop of Rome) as God on Earth, a substitute for Christ!
    What Freedom, to have a Relationship with, the God of the Universe, the One True God!

    • Amen Cathy, what a privilege we have! Regarding popery, this is what Spurgeon said “Christ did not redeem his church with his blood so the Pope would come in and steal away the glory. He never came from heaven to earth. He never poured out his very heart that he might purchase his people. That a poor sinner, a mere man, should be set upon high to be admired by all the nations and to call himself God’s representative on earth, Christ has always been the head of his church.”

      • Pomp & Ceremony, Ancient Antiquities & Art, Hierarchies & Ecclesiastic leadership…..have all been a lure to Man! The Papacy, has established a Man Centered Religion that has claimed the Christian majority. She is Spiritual Babylon and the reformed Christian church has embarked, back to the Mother. We have to be Persistant, and realize that she considers Protestants, “Separated Brethren!”
        Trent is still in effect!!!
        God bless, the True Believers in Christ Alone!

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