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Tonight’s Street Preaching 29 Aug ’14


flinders stThe last time I went in to preach in the city’s streets was in the battle with the Hares some weeks back.  That ended up taking a huge toll on me and I was sick for some time afterwards…

The good news is that they apparently haven’t been back to the area since.

“But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place.” 2 Corinthians 2:14

Something else I discovered tonight: a large Muslim contingent has set up two tables in the city’s most popular mall.  There they distribute Islamic literature and even preach on microphones to the public.

Of course, they are entitled to do so, just as we are.

I find this disturbing though.  Why?  Because it is really hard to getLR preaching Christians out there to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, yet the Muslims are seemingly doing it for Allah.

I suppose that may be because as Christians we are partakers of God’s wondrous grace.  We certainly don’t have to street-preach or to share the gospel to be saved.  We don’t have to work for salvation at all. No, it is all the work of God. And praise Him for that! However, I do wonder why it is so hard to get Christians out there when we have the greatest love story in the world to share (not to mention the Great Commission Christ gave us and the Holy Spirit to help us).

Christian brothers and sisters – we need to pray that God sends out more labourers into the harvest!  We really do.  Whilst most of the church is sitting in their comfy chairs watching tv or arguing amongst themselves over doctrinal issues, the devil is working diligently against the gospel of Christ.

I am not trying to put condemnation on anyone. It is hard to get out there.  Believe me, I know.  I also know that no-one wants to hear this….  But I think it necessary to speak the truth of what I see.

Brothers and sisters we urgently need two things :

  • intercessors, and
  • those willing to go.  We need those like Isaiah who will say:

“Here I am Lord; send me.”woman preacher




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11 thoughts on “Tonight’s Street Preaching 29 Aug ’14

  1. Dear Belinda – sending you encouragement and the uplifting power of the Holy Spirit from a street preacher here on the strip in Las Vegas. Don’t think for a minute that your efforts are in vain, and don’t be discouraged if no one reacts or stops to talk. It is the Holy Spirit that works on people’s hearts through the preaching of the Word, and it is not our preaching talent or our powers of persuasion that saves

    Don’t keep score, don’t try to evaluate your effectiveness by numbers or by the reaction of the crowd. We are to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel and to preach the saving grace of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection – boldly and confidently as possessors of the Truth we know to be.

    The Holy Spirit will work unseen through your words, and you will meet total strangers in Heaven who are there solely because they heard some woman on the street one night proclaiming the Gospel.

    Preach on sister – preach on!

    In Him,

    A Forgiven Sinner
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    • Dear Forgiven sinner,
      Thank you so much for your encouragement. You have blessed me greatly with your words. This world measures success so differently from how it is measured in heaven. I cannot wait to see one day these strangers in heaven, I weep thinking of it! Oh how glorious it will be.
      I will preach on by the grace of God. And you too brother, preach on! You are blessed to be able to spread the fragrance of Christ in such a busy place as Las Vegas. Every time you preach there must be thousands hearing the gospel – how wonderful! Funnily enough my husband recently visited Las Vegas for a work conference, but when he returned home all I wanted to know was “Were there many street preachers there?” “Were people more receptive to the gospel in the USA than here?” etc etc.

      God bless you and your street ministry abundantly.
      Thank you Lord for the Body of Christ!
      IN CHRIST,

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  3. “If it be the Gospel which is spoken, and if the spirit of the preacher be one of love and truth, the results cannot be doubted… Charles Spurgeon

  4. My pastor said this one time (and I’m not sure if it’s original or if he was quoting from someone else)…..”not everybody that hears the gospel will get saved. But nobody gets saved without the gospel.” Only heaven will fully reveal the impact of your life for Jesus here on earth. Until then, preach on my sister!! Lift up Jesus and make him real in your city. May the Lord Himself bring hope, encouragement and strength into your life. The Lord bless you greatly Belinda.

  5. My favorite spot is at the Gallery Place Metro in Chinatown Washington DC. I love the look on people faces when I tell them that God loves them. It is almost like people have never heard that concept before. I really enjoy the honor of that moment.

    • That’s awesome, praise the Lord that you are getting out there to share the love of God. Have you read the Cross and the Switchblade by David Wilkerson? He went into the streets of NY to share God’s love with gang members.

  6. What caught me most was that the devil works non-stop to stop the Good News, while Christians argue about their comfort. “When it is convenient and when it is not” we are to witness. Your call is one way, and I uphold you. If others would be witnesses at work, school, when they shop and just walking down the street, always, letting Paraclete flow out from us. It is not the where and when, it is the everywhere always that God calls us to. Sometimes with words, sometimes with compassionate action, sometimes in prayer, sometimes…

    • Yes the devil doesn’t rest or take sabbaticals – ever! Praise God that He doesn’t either though!
      I take your point – yes absolutely we are to be the light anywhere we are called to in this dark world.
      I think that what you say is crucial – it’s all about us being lead by the HOly Spirit.

      God bless you 🙂

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