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Occult Practices and Public Schools


I am becoming increasingly alarmed at the occult practices that are being introduced to my children in public school and even in kindergarten.  As momentum increases to try to remove Christian Religious Education from public schools, it alarms me that I see the pagan influences increasing.

My daughter is in grade 4 and my son in grade 1.  Every year so far there has been a battle with regards to this issue.

When my son was in his last term of kindergarten he had a substitute teacher for the last few weeks to cover maternity leave.  She had the kids sit in a circle and pass around a stick.  This stick had a string attached to the end of it with a feather attached to the string.  She asked them to wish for a pet as they held the stick.  She also practiced visualization and meditation with them.  She would get them to visualise their parents as tiny and in the palms of their own hands as they said some sort of mantra exerting their own will over their parents.  When my husband and I found out about this we were extremely alarmed.  We complained to the kindergarten.  They could see nothing wrong with what she was doing and said she was encouraging “imagination” etc.  It was only when we threatened his permanent removal from the centre that they arranged a meeting with us and they agreed to stop this kind of “teaching”.  These kids were 4 years old at the time.

I have had to go up to school when my daughter was in grade one and meet with her teacher as I heard that she was about to start reading a famous story about witches to the class.  I requested that she consider not reading the book, but if she were to go ahead with it that my daughter be removed from the class whilst she read the story.  She decided to not go ahead with it.

In grade two my daughter’s teacher began leading them through guided meditation and visualization as they lay on the floor.

In grade four this practice still continues in her classroom but, praise God, after much prayer about this the teacher has now given the children the option to “opt out” of it.  My daughter now giggles and chats quietly with a friend or reads a book as it goes on.

A “reflections” garden is now being planned and designed for the school with winding pathways and orbs.  Maybe I am getting overly alarmed, but this to me also sounds a bit worrying.

There seems to me to be a double-standard here – get rid of Christian education, remove the history of our Judeo-Christian heritage here in Australia, but practices from another religion such as Zen Buddhism or Hinduism are acceptable.

I know that nature abhors a vacuum, and so the removal of Christianity in any form from our schools will have to be replaced with something else.

My husband and I feel we are really left with no choice but to pull the kids out and put them in a Christian school.  But what about those families who cannot afford this option?

Has anyone else experienced anything similar?  Would love to hear any feedback.







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31 thoughts on “Occult Practices and Public Schools

  1. yet the same people go watch movies and television that contain the same occult practices for entertainment.

    • Yeah that’s right. Romans 1:32: “who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them.”

  2. In Canada the “progressive” denomination actually helped get Christianity out of schools because Christianity is only “one way” to God. The other denominations fell asleep or buried their heads in the dust. Some Christian schools are no better because they choose a fundamentalist approach which teaches its own arrogance. We got through it with our daughters by being very active in the school, being conscious about teaching our girls about Jesus, and living faith the best we could. Now some of our Grandchildren will attend a Christian school next year because the public system has simply failed to educate even to their own low standards! This is a war for the souls of our children, and more Christians have to sign up and take it on. I pray you will find a way to educate and protect your children. Apathy is not an option.

    • Wow – how insane that the progressives got Christianity out of the school! Seriously church wake up!! I totally agree with you that this is a war for the souls of our children – and Satan is active and awake, but unfortunately much of the church isn’t. Thank you for your sound advice. It is great to hear of what others do or have done. Yes you make a good point- what they learn at home is paramount. The thing that scares me is how quickly things are moving and have changed – and how much worse will it be in 2 or 5 years even…?
      I can identify with your daughter’s concerns about education standards. We found at the end of last year our daughter didn’t have a clue about ANY of the basic multiplication tables (end of grade 3). We have had to find a method via YouTube on how to teach her multiplication tables at home, which we are still going on with. That’s a sad indictment.
      Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions and help. God bless 🙂

  3. have you considered homeschooling? I don’t know anything about your personal situation but as a testimony my wife and I had our children in Christian education for many years. We decided that the doctrine was not sound and began homeschooling two years ago. Looking back it was the best decision we’ve ever made and would never go back.

    I’d love to share some material if you have any interest. I think Dr. Voddie Baucham has some extraordinary sermons on the problems with public education as it is here in the states. I’d encourage you to look for Children of Cesar or Whoever controls the schools controls the world. Blessings in this extremely important decision.

    • I actually did consider homeschooling right back before my daughter began school. I seriously considered it actually. The thing that stopped me is that I didn’t know if I had the patience for it, to be completely honest with you, and also I was a little concerned about the social side of things as my daughter is extremely outgoing. Goodness, writing this now I feel like a not-so-great parent, but that is the honest truth of what stopped me…. :/
      Thank you for your feedback and your input. May I ask what exactly you didn’t feel was up to scratch with the doctrine at Christian school? Was it not biblically-based? Was it too progressive?
      I will look into these resources you have given me. Anything else you can share I would certainly appreciate. thanks again and God bless 🙂

      • As a homeschool graduate myself, I’ll timidly put in a few words here, at the risk of sounding intrusive: you can absolutely do it, 🙂 and I expect you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the glorious things that result. I can’t imagine not-homeschooling my own children someday.

        Maybe something to pray about, at least…

      • Thank you Bryana, I do appreciate your comment. You are not intrusive at all 🙂
        Thank you for your encouragement and your advice. It is definitely something my husband and I are currently praying about – and something we are concerned about. We want His will in all things for our lives, especially for our children. It is always worthwhile hearing of others experiences and yours was obviously a very positive one concerning homeschooling. Your amazing writing and your love for Jesus is a testimony to it! Thanks again and God bless

      • Some Christian schools are just as bad as the public schools, so you still have to closely monitor your children. I’ve came across some teachers in the Christian schools who encouraged unscriptural lifestyles and when confronted about it; they actually didn’t see anything wrong with it. My son attended three different private Christian schools from first to sixth grade. I took him out of those schools either because the curriculum was not rigorous enough, or for staff’s indifference attitude towards unscriptural principles. (in one of the schools for example: boys and girls were allowed to cross dress during creative plays in first grade, because the teachers didn’t want to interfere with creativity) I’ve encountered other things in the private school setting that made me wondered why I was paying tuition for a quality of education that I can get for free.

        I started homeschooling him in sixth grade and I think is the best placement for him. There are so many parents homeschooling and it is not like it used to be. You can join homeschool co-op to give them access to their peers. You’ll have a chance to work with other parents and support each other. The last co-op we joined cost about $10 to join. The parents took the kids on regular fieldtrips, and each parent taught a class that they felt comfortable teaching. Our local YMCA taught homeschool P.E. classes, and inbetween those classes, the kids did bowling, jogging, hiking or biking. You just have to be flexible and creative. It is hard work, and you’ll have some frictions along the way, but it is well worth the effort.

      • Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your advice. It is so great to hear others’ stories. This is something that does concern me and my husband and I are continuing to pray about. Thanks and God bless 🙂

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  5. We’ve had all those same thoughts and concerns before we took the plunge and I can understand those are very real when you consider the importance of your children’s education. The doctrinal issues are simply that a Christian school is not a church, and they don’t have a doctrinal statement that gets carried out. Not all teachers attend the same church and therefore believe many different things concerning the Bible. Some our much more liberal in their thinking than others. We thought it was important that we present a consistent message to our children that our church teaches rather than identifying error when it surfaces. I think the most important item to consider is what does the Scripture teach about educating your children?

    I don’t want to be self promoting, but I’ve copied two articles below that I wrote recently regarding homeschooling. The one entitled “Vision” has a link to one of the Voddie Baucham sermons I referenced. He does an amazing job of addressing the “usual” concerns about socialization and things of this nature. I’d also want to say that you do have the patience to educate your children, God has promised that to Believers (Heb 4:14-16).

    There are many things to discuss practically about how to go about homeschooling and this is certainly something you and your husband should have many discussions about, but there is lots of help available and lots of good curriculum for the Christian that wants to educate with a Biblical Worldview.
    God will bless your desire to honor Him in the education of your children and the time spent with them is so short. You will never regret a minute spent with them. Lastly you may consider watching
    let me know if I can be of any assistance.

    • Yes, I can appreciate what you are saying about the Christian school and the reservations you had concerning it. You mentioned what the scripture teaches about educating our children…this is what actually convicted me when I re-read the scripture that places the responsibility of teaching our kids at the feet of the parents, specifically the father. I was convicted by the fact that one day my husband and I will have to stand before Christ and answer for how we have brought up and educated our children. If we have decided to hand on that responsibility to another, ie a school/teacher, then that is a decision we will need to give account for, so it needs to be one prayerfully made and led by the Holy Spirit. It is this scripture that has just recently convicted us that, as it stands, currently our children have been placed under the guidance of unbelievers and that doesn’t sit well with us anymore.
      Thank you for your articles, I am glad you have shared them, for us and for any others that may come across this post.
      Once again, thanks for your time, your concern and your godly advice. My husband and I are continuing to pray about this matter.
      God bless

  6. As a former teacher, there is much that goes on that parents don’t know–and most don’t care to know about. The dangerous point about the state having the kids every day for most of the year is that they can drip-drip-drip the occult teachings in a little at a time. It’s very hard for even the most observant parents to catch all of the indoctrination that goes on.

    The schools are under the control of the worker bees of the coming worldwide order. They may not be all integrated into the system yet, but it’s coming.

    I told my daughter if I had kids in school today I would do anything to get them out.

    Ultimately, homeschooling seems to be the answer–while it’s still permitted.

    • Yes I appreciate what you are saying and totally agree with you. It concerns me that if I know about this stuff – what else don’t I know about?
      I know that the UN has been rolling out a global curriculum (ie. indoctrination) produced by Julian Huxley of UNESCO, to public schools and that it is starting to take shape here in Australia. When I heard about this I knew it can’t be long now.
      I pray that God will open the eyes of all Christian parents to see what is going on in the schools. I pray that they will care enough to find out and fight for their kids. In Jesus Name, Amen.
      Thank you for taking the time to give your advice and wisdom. I do appreciate everyone’s help here. God bless

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  8. Something that never ceases to amaze me is that every atheist I have encountered, whether online or face-to-face, is so full of anger and bitterness. Hmmm… why so angry at a God whom doesn’t exist? How is it even possible to be so angry at nothing? No matter how hard I try I find I just cannot summon anger towards the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Perhaps it’s because he doesn’t exist…

    • I agree that everyone has the right to decide their own beliefs and faith. That was never in question by my blog post. My post was about the fact that I am concerned to see that Christianity is being taken out of public schools and that what is replacing them is paganism. As a Christian of course I am concerned about this. And I have every right to be. I have a right to my own feelings, opinions and concerns. You are obviously concerned about Christianity being in public schools and getting pushed “down everyone’s throat”. You have a right to your feelings, opinions and concerns as well. What you are basically attacking me for is my personal opinions and concerns. You are intonating that while you have the right to be concerned about the religion of Christianity in public schools, I don’t have the same right to be concerned about the religion of paganism in public schools. It’s completely illogical.

  9. As a Christian Religious Education Teacher, I am amazed that anyone can call a Christian intolerant!! I have noticed that Atheists’ tolerance never seems to extend to Christianity. All parents have a choice whether to put their children into the CRE classes or not. This is the way it should be – totally the parents’ choice. Unfortunately, those that choose NOT to put their children into CRE, are seeking to deny it to those whose parents whose choice is for them to attend CRE.
    As ‘you were saying – anything seems to go in schools now – except Jesus.
    Keep up your blog – it is very interesting. May God bless you.

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  11. This has gotten worse. There is a game that the whole class plays that is supposed to be teaching Math by casting spells. And a card game a lot of kids are crazy about where you summon up demons and call monsters out of the grave. What can I do?

    • Oh gosh, I am sorry to hear that! It is getting so bad. I would start by praying about it. This is such a stronghold that most teachers just cant see it for what it is. Then talk to your child’s teacher about the Math game and perhaps ask if there is another way this can be taught that doesn’t involve spell-casting etc because you just don’t feel comfortable with it.
      With regards to the card game, I think the best way is to educate your children. We have always explained to our kids about Pokémon and YuGiOh, for example, being occultic. For a while there my son was the only boy who didn’t own Pokémon cards and wouldn’t play it with the others. He ended up finding some other kids to play tag with instead. Now those kids who were so into Pokémon have lost interest in it.
      I pray God bless you in this, it’s such an ongoing war for the souls of our kids!

      Belinda 🙂

  12. In the states all the teachers are freemasons or eastern stars(occult groups) Get your kids out of the public school

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