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Street Preaching Tonight


It was different tonight than it’s ever been.flinders st

It began pretty much the same as usual, but at some point I noticed the Hare Krishna’s dancing their noisy way towards us.


With their colourful clothes, tambourines and dancing they make it all but impossible to preach the gospel.  They usually pull up in a wide circle in front of where we are preaching and dance and sing for sometimes 10-15 minutes.

Usually we get pushed to the sidelines amongst all the colourful chaos and the tourists bustling to take photos of them.  Standing on the sidelines politely waiting for them to finish their worship ceremony to their false god is absolutely frustrating.  It feels like Satan has got one over on us.

Something I’ve learnt: if you give Satan an inch – he will take a mile.

We are in a spiritual battle and being on the city streets you cannot forget it.

So tonight as they approached I grabbed the microphone and began preaching. As they came up to us I kept going.  They waved to me, I waved back.  I was polite, but not polite enough to stop. I preached:

“Jesus said ‘I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father but by Me”.

They kept going.  I kept going: “There is no other name under heaven by which man can be saved, than the Name of Jesus!”  Sometimes I just called out “Jesus! Jesus!” over their noise.

They stayed for maybe two minutes then gave up and left.

But then it happened…

bourbonstreet1As I was preaching, I began weeping.

Yes, weeping.  In front of lots of people. It was weird. I couldn’t stop it. I felt God’s heart breaking for these lost sinners.  I felt Him yearning for them to come home.  It wasn’t me being emotional or sad – it was Him calling to them through me.  I wept as I preached to them His heart.

But then I stopped preaching because I began to think.  That can be a problem whilst preaching.  The anointing lifts off when you start to really think, especially if you wonder what people are thinking of you.  Now I kind of wish I kept going because that’s never happened to me before and I think I probably stopped it before God was done.  Sorry Lord.

Important point: I believe God wants to raise up preachers who are broken for the sins of the people.

You see, there are preachers who preach the cold, hard truth of the gospel.  They want the authority that gives them, but they don’t take any responsibility for the people.

Then there are preachers who in response to the above have taken out most of the truth of the gospel and replaced it with psychology or self-help or something else human.  They want to take responsibility for the people, yet they have no God-given authority to do so.

God is raising up those who will “speak the truth in love”.  We can get rid of neither love nor truth, and that is what so many have done.

God gives authority to those who will take responsibility.  And being willing to take street_preaching in chicago 1930responsibility for others brings authority.

We need to speak the whole truth of the gospel – yes, including sin, the law, hell and judgment.  BUT we need to speak the truth from a heart that has been broken for the people’s sins.  We have no right to be preaching to people about whom we couldn’t care less. That is not God’s heart.  That has never been His way.  Think of Moses, Samuel, Jesus, Paul…  We need to be willing to take responsibility for them by standing in the gap and interceding.

Preaching and intercessory prayer go hand-in-hand

Just as:

Authority and responsibility go hand-in-hand

May our mighty God bless you!

If sinners be dammed, at least let them leap to Hell over our bodies. If they will perish, let them perish with our arms about their knees. Let no one GO there UNWARNED and UNPRAYED for.” Charles Spurgeon






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6 thoughts on “Street Preaching Tonight

  1. I would say Amen, but my heart breaks because of those preachers who live by authority rather than love, who build personality cults rather than proclaim Jesus. It’s not just sad for them, but for the innocent ones who believe them!

    • Amen to that…it is very sad, and all too common i’m afraid. Unfortunately we seem to forget that “minister” means “servant” not “overlord”. I am praying that God raises up humble, broken servants to shepherd HIs flock. Blessings

  2. Dear sister, I know this experience too. It is the reality of 2 Corinthians 5:20 through our lives: “as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God.”

    If we will preach, then I believe we must weep. Maybe the tears will not always come during the preaching. But if we truly comprehend the fate that awaits those we are proclaiming this message to, and the earnest desire in the heart of God that men might be saved, we would cry out every drop of moisture in our bodies to see them come to Jesus. I am so grateful for you and your ministry for The Lord Jesus. Praying for much fruit through your life for His glory.

    • Thank you Eirene for that scripture – it has blessed me greatly. It is so wonderful to have a dear sister who, though we may be thousands of miles apart, are so close in the Holy Spirit. God’s heart is truly for the lost to be brought in. He is issuing the final invitations now for there is not much time left. May we redeem the little time we have left!
      Thank you for your prayers – I need them! May God bless you and your ministry as well.
      Belinda :0)

  3. Thanks for sharing, all so true;and that is a great verse Eirene gave; God is doing a work

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