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Grief and the Song of Moses


Grief is strange.

You go along fine for a while. And then all of a sudden…another wave descends, and you are plunged beneath the depths of it. It encompasses you and you have no choice but to let it carry you along for a while.

Then after you’ve been thrown around for a bit, after you’re soaked through with tears and your heart pierced with pain and memories, the grief sets you down and rolls away again.

Until the next wave….

Last August my friend Jenny went to be with the Lord. It was sudden, unexpected.

Four days after Jenny went, my Grandma also went to be Jesus.

I went into shock when my Grandma went.

Jenny called me “her angel”….Jenny was “my Jenny”.
Grandma called me “dearest”…..I called her my “Granny Apple-Bee”, or GAB for short.

I miss them so much.

I don’t understand why they had to go at the same time.

But I know Jesus. And even though it was terrible and painful and incomprehensible, and sometimes still is, yet will I trust Him. He is my life. Without Him I am undone.

My Grandma’s favourite hymn was “I am weak, but thou art strong”. OH Lord help me.

My Jenny’s favourite song was “The Song of Moses”. I still haven’t been able to listen to it since she went home but I am putting the link here for you to watch in honour of her and my Granny-Apple-Bee. It is one of the most beautiful songs in the world, straight from Revelation 15.

I love knowing that they are with Him in heaven singing the Song of Moses and of the Lamb.

God bless you this Passover season


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6 thoughts on “Grief and the Song of Moses

  1. Do you typically leave comments, then disappear, as if a mirage hit my blog? Simply stating unsubstantiated claims does not make them credible. The evidence you state is from a single source, the Bible. Can you maintain your argument with objective statements?

  2. I am looking for truth and especially grace in furnishing me with the answer I requested. I believe it is Scripture that encourages the Christian to be prepared to defend their faith?

    If you choose to ignore me that is your prerogative. But to do so furthers my impression that your faith is emotional and unprovable. Show me your “Grace and Truth”!

  3. Better check out I Peter 3:15. Assumptions are not acceptable.

    • Hey guess what? I don’t live in the same time zone as you. so when you were leaving all these comments for me I was not actually ignoring you but I was asleep as it was 2am here. Of course I would have answered you, as i am now, but your impatience comes across as quite rude quite frankly.

    • I am not sure what assumption you are referring to here but since this has nothing to do with my post I will answer you on yours.

  4. I have been through people I love dying within a few days too – I, like you, certainly found that Jesus was my strength and comfort.

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