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Hero of the Faith: Australian Missionary Arrested in Nth Korea



john short

This man needs prayer.  His name is John Short, an Aussie missionary caught with Christian literature in North Korea.  He faces potentially 15 years of hard labour.


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2 thoughts on “Hero of the Faith: Australian Missionary Arrested in Nth Korea

  1. Yes this man John Short certainly needs our prayers. He would have known what a risk he was taking entering North Korea, with the intend of making our Saviour Jesus Christ known to as many people as possible. What a terrible thing for the Nth Korean people – not being free to hear about Jesus Christ, let alone to worship Him. This reminds of what you said in a previous blog. We must be willing to give up everything for the Lord – He has certainly done that for us.
    John Short has a Crown of Glory awaiting him – let’s pray that he feels the Saviour’s presence with him all the time.

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