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Forcing Us to Face The Horror…Gosnell

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Although I am not American, this case has exposed the truly horrific nature of abortion, even here across the world where we also have allowed late-term abortion to be legalized. Pastor Bill Randles says it so well in this article.

Pastor Bill Randles Blog


When future President, General Dwight Eisenhower oversaw the liberation of German run  concentration camps, he commanded his troops to round-up as many German civilians as possible, and forced them to tour the camps, so that none of them could say, “We didn’t know what was going on out there…”.

Eisenhower wanted to force the German population to fully face the evil that they had allowed in their midst. They had to march through the camps, in order to witness the stacks of bodies, the louse infested barracks, the massive crematoriums, the human survivors who looked like skeletons. Ordinary German citizens were made to inhale the stench of death which their political choices had led to.

German Citizens Tour Camps

Notice in the clip above, that  on the way into the camps the civilians seem smug, defiant, they laugh and joke. But on the way out of the camp they have…

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